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Is it Spring?!?!

It was beautiful yesterday.  We finally had a taste of Spring.  Actually, it was pretty humid.  It makes me anxious for the real Spring, but dread the dead of summer and all the humidity it brings!  We had a great, and eventful,day. 

We were up early– big shocker– so we decided to try out a new breakfast joint about a half hour away.  It is a chain called First Watch that we first discovered in Kansas City and then found again in St. Louis.  There is one in Fairfax, so we headed over there for breakfast.  Ironically, on the way I pointed out that my friend Jessica lives really close to the restaurant.  Then while we were waiting to be seated, I looked up and there was Jessica with her family eating breakfast.  We hadn’t seen each other in months, so it was funny that we ran into them.  It was great to catch up and reaffirmed that we need to get together more often!  After we ate, we shopped a little and then headed back towards home to go to the park.

Yesterday morning I updated my facebook status wondering what fun outside activity we would do.  Our friend Morgan saw it and invited us to meet her and the Evans family at Fort Hunt Park for a picnic and to play.  Since we were already planning to head out to breakfast, we decided to meet them a little later and just hang out.  It was great.  The kids ran, played soccer, went on the swings and explored the fort.  Our Jack loves to play with the Evans kids and gets along really well with their Jack.  At one point, Travis was on the playground pushing Harry, Jack & Jack on the swings.  It was really cute.  We all explored the fort a little too.  The boys loved going up and down the stairs and yelling into the old cells.  Funny how the echo of their voices entertains from age 2 on.  Morgan & Toby brought all the fixin’s to make s’mores, so when the kids were starting to get worn down we made fired up the sterno and got roasting.  They were yummy!  Our Jack didn’t like them.  He just ate graham crackers.  I’m not sure if the texture of the marshmallows was too much for him or if they were too sweet, but he took one bite and asked for plain graham crackers.  That’s okay, it was more yummies for the rest of us!
Toby & Morgan

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