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Pre-school Fun

Jack loves pre-school.  This is his second year to go to Aldersgate Day School.  Aldersgate is our church but they also have a great pre-school.  Last year his experience was a little dicey…for a number of reasons.  BUT, this year has been fabulous.  He has two great teachers, a class full of sweet little classmates and classroom filled with fun activities.  This year has truly been great!

Jack does a ton of crafts in school.  I have filled a plastic tub with things that he has made.  Travis often asks how many crafts they do per day, ’cause we bring home that many things!  (Thank goodness for Preschool Palettes .  I’ll be investing in a fabulous book at the end of the school year and won’t be keeping EVERYTHING he has made!)  Besides the usual crafts,  Jack has had two fun events at school recently, the Dayschool Olympics and Pajama Day.

To celebrate the 2010 Winter Olympics, Aldersgate hosted the Dayschool Olympics.  With excellent events such as volleyball and the tricycle obstacle course, the kids couldn’t help but get into the Olympic spirit.  Leading up to the big Olympics, the kids made some pretty cute items.  Everyone had to bring a dollar to pay for t-shirts that the kids made for their perspective teams and they even made their own Olympic torches.  Their shirts were adorable!  Apparently they marched in just like the real opening ceremonies wearing their shirts.  They had various events and everyone received the Gold medal and a certificate.  I’m pretty sure they were presented their Gold at the podium and posed for pictures.  Jack liked the volleyball event the best.  I haven’t really figured out what all the events were, but he had a blast none the less.  He was very proud of his shirt, his torch and Gold medal.  It was adorable!!  (He also has informed us several times since the Olympics that when team USA gets him for hockey, they’ll win the Gold and beat Canada because he is the best hockey player.  Surprise, surprise…Jack his hockey focused and modest!)

The other fun school event recently was pajama day.  All the kids got to wear their pajamas to school.  Of course, they were all adorable in their jams.  Jack wore his new duck pjs that GG recently sent.  His brother has matching ones, so Jack made sure that G wore his too.  (My kids LOVE to match.  They would wear matching shirts every single day if I bought them all the same clothes.  I confess that I am taking advantage of this.  I know it won’t be long until they will refuse to dress alike, so I do it all I can now.)  Along with pajama day, the kids had special activities and snacks at school.  They got to watch a movie and have popcorn.  They also had pancakes and sausage for snack.  Thankfully I recently found a great gluten/dairy/rice free pancake recipe, so I took special pancakes for Jack to have at the same time.  The sausage was GF, so there was no issue there.  Jack doesn’t usually eat sausage but because it was at school he apparently did.  Thank goodness for school peer pressure getting Jack to try new things!  PJ day was hit with Jack.  He requested that our whole family stay in our pajamas all day.  Travis and I both had to work that day, so we did not oblige.  We did, however, allow G to keep his on.  They were so cute, I had to snap a few pictures of them together!  Continue reading


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