Garrett’s 1st Week of Swimming

img_2028Garrett had his first really busy week last week.  He started his ISR swimming lessons.  We are so excited to see how the lessons turn out for him.  We are very happy with the results with Jack and are looking forward to the process with Garrett since he is so much younger.  I’m sure you all remember that in his lessons, Jack learned to swim 3 or 4 strokes at a time, roll over to his back to float, rest and roll back to a swim until he reaches safety.  For Garrett the goal for lessons is slightly modified.  Since he is younger and not capable of pulling himself to safety at a wall or step etc., the goal for him is to be able to go under water, roll over to his back and float until someone helps him.  The method to get him to this place is the same though. 

Garrett has displayed the same comfort level in the water that Jack did at his age.  He loves the bath and spends his whole bath time splashing and turning over to his belly in order to put his face in the water.  It looks like he is going to be just as confident (or over confident) as Jack is in the water.  Garrett’s love of the water just reinforced how important we felt it was to get him in lessons right away.  So far the lessons are going well and just as I anticipated.  Garrett loves the teacher and is happy to get into the water.  He does, however, get pretty upset once the lesson starts.  He basically cries the entire lesson, but he is doing well and improving.  By the end of the week he did float a little on his own.  The biggest issue he has right now is that because he cries the whole time, he keeps his mouth open.  This is a bit of an issue because it means he is constantly getting water in his mouth.  Thankfully he doesn’t drink it much and generally spits it out.  Hopefully he will get more conditioned to the lesson process and start to settle down this week. 

I think the reason he cries so much actually has less to do with the water and more to do with him being hungry.  The kids can’t eat at least 2 hours before the lesson.  This shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but for Garrett it really is.  Because he has acid reflux (and his medicine isn’t working…that’s another post altogether!) he eats very often.  He generally eats about every 2 hours night and day.  And since I breastfeed him, whenever he gets upset he wants to eat too.  I’m pretty sure he is hungry when he starts the lesson and then he gets mad, works really hard, and feels starved!  He eats well as soon as the lesson is over.


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