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IMG_2852A lot has happened with Garrett during my blogging hiatus.  I am long overdue on a Garrett update! 

Garrett turned 1 on July 7th.  He celebrated a great Birthday by going to his first movie at a theatre, lunch out at Chipotle, Birthday gifts & cake, swimming at Pirate’s Cove and Japanese Hibachi for dinner.  It was a packed day!!  During the summer several movie theatres in the area provide free kids movies once or twice a week on first come first served basis.  I had really wanted to take the kids all summer but it turned out that the first time it worked with our schedule was on G’s Birthday.  Even better, the movie was Curious George.  I put a group together from my Mom’s group and we met several friends there.  The kids loved the movie.  IMG_2640Garrett watched, nursed and slept!  Jack liked the movie and behaved really well.  Unfortunately, the only picture I got was with G sleeping.  For his Birthday we got G a Little Tykes Bumble Bee ride on toy.  It is similar to the car that Jack has and he really likes it.  At first he just climbed in and out of it, but now that he has had it a few months he loves to drive it.  He makes great vroom sounds, honks the horn and motors all around the living room!  We did cake and presents in the late afternoon and then packed the kids up for an evening swim.  As usual we had a blast at the pool.  We hit Japanese hibachi on the way home and everyone konked out in the car.  It was a great day!

IMG_2781At his 12 month check up Garrett was 17 lbs 14 oz.  I can’t remember how tall he was, but in both instances he fell in about the 5% mark on the growth charts.  I don’t put much stock in these, but they are a bit of an annoyance for us.  Every appointment the peds want us to come back in a few weeks for a weight check to make sure Garrett is gaining.  The fact is, he is thriving.  He eats everything and more than any little man should.  He isn’t that big on breakfast but, man, he can really scarf down the lunch, snacks and dinner.  He also will eat just about anything.  The only thing he isn’t really crazy about is cereal (hot or cold).  Otherwise, he can eat!  I refuse to do weight checks on a kid who may be skinny but looks healthy and eats well!

Garrett is still nursing.  I night weaned him shortly after his Birthday.  I didn’t mind getting up once or twice a night to nurse, but after several days in a row of him not nursing all day long and then nursing all night long, I decided that it was time to night wean.  He was far too busy to be bothered with milk during the day but was happy to snack all night.  Mama’s not down with that schedule!  I occasionally cave and give him milk in the middle of the night…usually at Daddy’s insistence.  Travis can’t stand to hear him cry in the night when he knows G’s teeth are hurting.  When one is crying and one is telling me to comfort the poor kid, I can’t handle it.  I placate with the boob!  I have no intentions of weaning Garrett at this point.  I’d love for him to just self wean eventually.  It saddens me to think that we are likely on the downhill of our nursing DSCN0607relationship.  I love the time with him and the convenience of breastfeeding.  I also dread adjusting my parenting style.  When he weans, I won’t have my go to solution to crankiness, hunger, sadness and when he is just plain naughty and needs a break!  It is funny though.  My nursing style with Garrett is much different from what it was with Jack.  Garrett almost never nurses to sleep, generally snacks in clusters and isn’t always comforted by milk when he is hurt or angry.  He is my contortionist child who will crawl all over my body while still latched on and loves to walk up, pull at my shirt and attempt to get to the goods, and he quite easily nurses standing up if I am sitting on the floor.  Bizarre!

G has several words that he uses frequently and repeats tons of other ones.  His regular vocabulary consists of Jack (his first word!), Mama, Dada, D dog, please, thank you, more, eat, nana (used to be for food but now for milk), bed, hot dog  or hot diggiggity dog (which refers to Mickey Mouse because he loves the Hot Diggity Dog song on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse), ball (simply his favorite word and toy!), puck, hockey stick, that, avocado, beans, blueberry and train.  I’m sure there are more but those are all that come to mind now.  Garrett is doing well with signs too.  I’m not great at signing too many things but he picks up on what I sign to him.  He regularly signs eat, more, fan, light, toothbrush and airplane.  He actually used 2 new signs today– drink and danger.  We have really been working on drink.  He usually just fusses or yells at us for a drink, so we have been working hard on him using that sign.  This morning while we were at a local coffee shop he signed for a drink.  I was so happy.  He was so proud!  He also signed danger to me for the first time.  A little boy at the coffee shop was playing with his Mom’s cell phone and G was very concerned.  He was jabbering at the little boy and looking at me in dismay and then he started vigorously signing danger.  It was so cute.  He knew that kids aren’t supposed to have cell phones and he was distraught that no one was taking it away.  He just kept signing danger over and over.  It was so cute!  He is also our little jokester.  His new favorite thing to do when you change his diaper is to hold the powder.  Last week he was holding the powder in one hand and then starting signing and saying “eat, eat”.  Then he grabbed the powder, put it up to his mouth and made a glug, glug sound.  He pulled the powder down and laughed so hard.  I asked him if he was making a joke about eating powder.  He did it again and then just laughed.  He was so proud that he was making jokes.  Where do they come up with this at 14 months?!

Garrett has been off of his acid reflux meds for about a month.  He is doing fine.  We were almost out of meds and I couldn’t get a hold of the GI doc for a refill.  Trav suggested we go without and see what happened.  He seemed fine.  Not long after I started limited his, and my, dairy intake and he has been great.  No reflux issues and his skin is clearing up.  For the first time in his life he doesn’t have horrible cradle cap.  Who knew foods could cause so much trouble for some people???  We are slowly making our transition and it is going well.

IMG_2811Garrett continues to worship Jack.  They are quite the pair these days.  Half of the time they play so well together and the other half of the time is all trouble.  Jack is still too rough at times and Garrett is clearly an instigator in most situations.  Jack may have the upper hand but G always goes back for more.  The other day they boys were wrestling in the living room while I was in the kitchen and I kept telling them to stop.  I made Jack get up once and he told me “Look Mom, Garrett is fine.  He is laughing.  We are just wrestling.”  In seconds they were back on the floor rolling around.  I scolded them again and Jack’s reply as he was laying on top of his brother was “Mom, he’s okay.  He can breathe.”  Oh, great.  I feel so much better knowing my 3 year old isn’t suffocating my 1 year old, just potentially breaking his bones.  Geez!

IMG_2902So G is growing quickly, climbing everything and maturing faster than we can believe.  He is a lovey boy with a sweet smile.  A little munchkin who looks too small to be so mobile.  He laughs a lot, flies under the radar and has the potential to be our dry sense of humored boy.  He is so much fun and we are loving watching him grow and change!


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Happy 3rd Birthday!

IMG_2997Yesterday was Jackson Robert’s 3rd Birthday!  Whoa, where did three years go?  Jack has certainly kept us busy and continues to entertain us beyond belief.  I’m frightened to think what his little personality will bring in the next few years.

In true Jack form, we were up at 5:20am.  Jack was very excited for his Birthday and his party today, however, he never asked about presents.  He was anxious about his Birthday cake and wanted to eat some the second he woke up.  I mentioned that we would open presents when Brother and Daddy woke up, but Jack was not all that concerned about them.  He did open his presents before his party and made quite a haul for a little boy!  We got him a new bike.  He has been wanting a glider bike like Ian’s for months.  I did quite a bit of research and found a hybrid glider and regular 12 inch bike made by MirraCo (a division of Trek).   The cool thing about it is that the pedals and training wheels are completely removable.  It is a glider for now but when he is ready to pedal then we can put the pedals back on.  The glider will help him gain balance and get used to the bike.  It is likely that we will just add the pedals and he will never need training wheels.  Plus, the bike should fit him until he is about 5 or 6 years old.   Mimi & Papa bought him a shopping cart and some play food.  This is a perfect gift because Jack loves to fill up any bag he can find with his “groceries”.  Grandpa & GG gave him money to buy some hockey gear.  (Now I just need to figure out the schedule for Daddy & Me skating classes!)  Sis and Uncle Beau sent him and G matching Bronco’s jerseys and Shalan got him the coolest Curious George t-shirt and a magnetic wooden doll. 

Jack’s Birthday Party was at River Farm.  It is the headquarters of the American Horticultural Society and has a fabulous children’s garden.  It is a favorite of ours because they have a whole area for the kids to dig in the garden, as well as several kids playhouses, a plant maze and a boat to climb around.  We decided this was a great place for a party because it would be low key and easy for Jack’s friends and their little brothers and sisters who may not be as mobile.  After months of discussion Jack finally chose to have a Thomas the Train cake.  IMG_2987Originally I was pushing him away from a Thomas cake because I had no desire to make the stand up train cake that Wilton has a pan for.  However, we got a magazine that had a Thomas cake on a sheet cake.  That helped me to get more creative and come up with a better way than the train pan.  In the end, it was a pretty easy cake to make and it turned out well.  Jack was super excited because we put a few new trains on it for him.  He couldn’t really believe the new trains were his.  He was sure we had borrowed them from Ian!  Instead of gifts for Jack, we asked people to bring an unwrapped toy to donate to Children’s Hospital.  Next week we will deliver the toys to Children’s.  I explained to Jack that there are lots of sick kids in the hospital and that since we are so fortunate, it would be nice to give them some gifts to brighten their day.  He is very excited to take the gifts and asks us every day if  “today is the day we get to take the presents to sick kids?”  Though our kids don’t lack for much, we are hopefully laying the foundation for them to be generous, thoughtful and thankful for our blessings.

IMG_3066After great naps from all the Gianchetta boys, the kids watched Grizzly football with Daddy.  They were all fired up.  Garrett ran around and squealed most of the afternoon while Jack went back and forth between tormenting his brother and taking in the game.  Jack is picking up football quickly and sported his new Broncos jersey all afternoon.  He was very proud!

We usually go out to dinner for Birthdays.  Jack decided he wanted to go to Rustico for pizza.  Jack loves pizza and this is one food that he would really miss if we couldn’t have.  Thankfully there are a few places that have gluten-free crusts.  So far Rustico is the best GF crust we have found.  They use a chickpea dough that is really good.  In fact, I think I’m beginning to prefer it to their regular crust!  We ate outside for dinner and although the kids were exhausted, they were good.  We took a quick walk after dinner and two sleeping boys within minutes.  Phew!

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Back to Preschool

IMG_2938Monday was the first day back to Preschool for Jack.  Yea!  Yea for Jack and yea for Mommy!  Jack is now in the 3 year olds class at Aldersgate Dayschool.  Once again Jack is the youngest kid in his class.  It doesn’t seem to bother him and it means he gets the first Birthday party!

I’m super excited for this year of school.  All and all, last year turned out well.  We had some bumps in the road but from January on things were pretty good.  This year already seems so much better.  Jack is older and learning to control his emotions more.  We’ve made changes that help him keep it together.  And, his teachers seem very well suited for him.  They are outgoing and active and his room is very neat.  They seem to be creative and have set up thematic units for the kids throughout the year.  Jack seems to thrive in a creative and active environment, so I think he is going to enjoy it.  Another plus is that there are several kids in his class that he knows from his class last year.  He is especially excited that his girlfriends Amelia & Allison are in his class. So much so, that this morning when I dropped him off, he was asking me all kinds of questions about when I would be back until he realized Amelia was there.  Once he saw Amelia, it didn’t matter when I came to pick him up!

IMG_2936Jack has been pretty excited about school both days this week.  On the first day we were getting his clothes on and he told me that he needed me to do his hair in a faux hawk because he wanted to look very nice for his teachers.  He was so proud!  This morning he couldn’t even eat breakfast he was so excited.  He was beside himself anticipating leaving for school.  I asked him if he remembered his teachers names and he looked at me like I had 3 heads– of course he knew their names.  Silly Mom, what was I thinking?! 

So far we are off to an excellent start to the new school year.  Jack will be occupied 3 days a week.  I will have some special time with Garrett– uninterrupted by Jack’s constant chatter.  And God willing, I’ll even get some things done around the house.  This just might be sanity creeping up on me.  I better hurry up and get pregnant…we wouldn’t want things to be too normal around here!

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Summer is Over!

Apparently I took a break from blogging over the summer.  My friend Elizabeth’s Mom totally called me out on it recently.  So Memme, this one’s for you!

It has been an incredibly busy summer.  In so many ways, I wonder what we did all summer.  And then I realized that we actually did a lot!  Here is a summary of the high points.  I’m hoping to write several subsequent posts and provide actual pictures of the events, but in the meantime I’m back in the saddle!

In early June Mimi & Papa (my parents) came to visit from Montana.  They spent 2 weeks on the East Coast split between our house, Connecticut where my brother is and a little sightseeing in-between.  One of the weekends we spent up in Lancaster County, PA visiting the Strasburg Railroad.  The boys love trains and it was pretty neat to share that with my parents.  Papa was especially proud to show Jack all that he knows about trains (since he is from a railroad family and worked on the railroad when my parents were first married) and to get to ride some really cool trains.  It was Day Out With Thomas, so we had all of the Thomas stuff to do in addition to the actual museum.  I plan to post pictures and more details on this in another entry.  June also brought some pretty big changes for us.  After a ton of research, reading, debating and with a lot of encouragement from friends and my Mom, we decided to start reworking Jack’s diet.  Jack has been officially Gluten Free since about June 15th.  Much of our summer has been spent adjusting diet and limiting some foods and now working with a homeopathic M.D. to find all of Jack’s sensitivities.  How did I know I would have the kid with food allergies?!

July brought Garrett’s 1st Birthday and G officially walking!  I was so excited for him to walk.  Much of June was spent with Garrett cruising around and clearly capable of walking but just not having the confidence to do so.  On his Birthday, July 7th, he took his first long string of steps and walked across our living room (probably 7 or 8 steps in a row).  Within a few weeks he was running all over the place!   Garrett has still not made it over the 20lbs mark, so for foreseeable future he faces backwards in his carseat.  The pediatrician made a point of telling us that they prefer that kids face backwards until they are 2 years old no matter their weight.  I felt like he was just trying to make us feel better, but it turns out many of my friends have gotten the same advice.  Luckily the boys can see each other in the car, so it doesn’t bother G yet.  At the end of July Travis had a business meeting up in New Hampshire.  We decided to make a weekend of it and fly up as a family.  We spent the first two nights in Portland, ME and the last night in North Conway, NH.  I fell in love with Maine, well at least what we saw of it, and NH was fun and certainly an area I would love to spend more time exploring.  Traveling Gluten Free for Jack was a bit of a challenge, but we found a few great places.  We visited Storyland in NH and had a blast.  It was a great kids theme park that was geared towards younger kids.  The rides were fantastic and it kept the boys and I entertained while Daddy went to his meeting.  

August flew by with a lot of weekend trips and the end of Jack’s summer preschool/camp program.  From the end of June through mid- August Jack went to a local church usually two mornings a week for a camp.  He loved it.  They had water play, did arts and crafts and cooking, lots of singing and just played.  It was a much needed distraction for all of us and was missed when it ended.  I took the kids up to NJ for a few days to hang out with Shalan & Mary.  I am embarrassed to say that it took me over a year to see Shally’s new house.  I was dreading the drive up but it was a breeze.  The kids were great in the car and for once we didn’t get stuck in a ton of traffic.  Jack and Mary got along very well and both boys loved exploring a new house.  Garrett took his obligatory tumble down the stairs within 10 minutes of us arriving.  I had just finished saying that I knew he would fall down the stairs (which he ran to climb the second we got in the house!) when he fell down the stairs.  He was mad but just fine!  We made a super quick trip up to MA to visit my Brother and his family.  Unfortunately, the circumstances were sad.  My Sister-in-law, Michelle’s, brother passed away.  We really wanted to be there for their family and because Travis and I have very fond memories of several New Year’s spent with Torre, Michelle and her brother Louis.  It was a hard trip, but worth it.  The positive aspect of the trip was that we were able to spend a little time with our nephews too.  Reid is 4 1/2 and Adner is 2 1/2.  All the cousins got along well and were excited to play together.  Adi and Jack are pretty close in age and got along great.  Reid was super excited to play with Garrett and “help” him do things.  They were all very cute together!  It reminded us that we really have to figure out a way to see each other more often!  August also brought a trip to Cleveland, OH to visit Trav’s college roommate and family.  Scott and Allison have a son Dash that is just 6 months older than Jack and a new baby, Bo, who is almost exactly 1 year younger than Garrett.  Jack and Dash are great friends and play so well together.  We told Jack when we bought the tickets that we were going to visit Dash soon.  Every morning for a week Jack would jump out of bed in the morning, run to his gate and yell “Today we get to see my Dashy!”  Needless to say, we learned that you can’t tell a toddler when you are going to do something they will have to look forward to for weeks.  We also learned this summer that we can’t tell Jack the day before we are traveling.  He gets so excited that he can’t sleep in anticipation of the flight/drive etc. 

So now we are into September and quickly approaching Fall.  Jack started school again yesterday.  I turned 30 last weekend and Jack turns 3 this weekend.  Football has started and hockey is right behind it.  We are hoping to get a trip to Montana in before it gets super cold.  I’m hoping to enjoy a nice Fall with lots of weather worthy of trips to our favorite parks before it gets yucky out.  We are getting back into the groove of things and I know that Christmas will be here before we know it.  Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with blogging and the next update won’t come in December!


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