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A Long Overdue Update

img_2305It has been a while since I’ve blogged.  I guess our house has just been crazy lately.  Between getting Garrett to sleep, going on vacation and life in general, I just haven’t had much time.  So here is the big update…

img_2237Garrett will be 10 months on May 7th.  Whoa, where did 10 months go?  When you aren’t sleeping the time somehow flies by and stands still at the same time!  As I’ve lamented so many times before, my kids are not great sleepers.  Garrett took the no sleep to a whole new level.  We’ve suspected since shortly after he was born, that Garrett had acid reflux.  I completely resisted putting him on medication until he was 4 months old.  Then he really wasn’t sleeping because he was so uncomfortable at night.  We finally put him on medication but it only helped at first.  Then we kept increasing his dose and it would work miraculously for a few days.  Then complete discomfort again.  At about 7 months old we took him to a GI doc.  His night time sleep had slipped into increments of 45 minutes or an hour and the rest of the night he was nursing.  I was getting NO sleep.  img_20951The GI doc was afraid there was something more than reflux so they wanted to run a bunch of tests.  I was fine with the tests, but I wanted Garrett put on Prilosec in the meantime.  They said he needed to stay on Zantac which wasn’t working, so they could put a monitor from his throat to his stomach to measure the acid reflux.  The problem was it took us 3 weeks to schedule the appointment with the hospital to have the monitor installed for 24 hours.  I suffered through for about 10 more days and then I called the GI doc’s office practically crying.  I needed sleep and I needed them to at least try Prilosec.  So, they gave us the prescription for Prilosec and we kept our appointment for the monitor.  The first few days on Prilosec were not that different, but slowly we started to see signs of relief.  Slowly G started to sleep in longer spurts and he seemed to be happier during the day.  He ate a little bit of solid food and he officially went from doing the worm to full on crawling. They put the monitor in and we made it through that crazy experience.  The worst part was that he had to have air splints on his arms to keep him from pulling out the tube.  He was so skinny that they kept falling off.  The whole thing didn’t slow him down though.  He crawled everywhere dragging this huge monitor along!  By the time we got the results from the test, the Prilosec had really kicked in and Garrett was like a new kid.  Within less than 2 weeks of being on Prilosec he started sleeping in about 4 hour stretches, eating some solid food without gagging, crawling, pulling up and toddling around furniture and laughing all day long.  Finally our little guy felt better!  So now at nearly 10 months Garrett is doing great.  At his 9 month appointment he was 16lbs. 7.5oz and 27 1/2in long.  I’m pretty sure he was actually about an inch longer but the nurse had a hard time measuring his length.  His small weight throws him in the 5% for weight.  The doctor actually wanted us to start doing weight checks on him, but I know he is doing well.  He is eating well now and even starting to like finger foods a little.  We can see that he is growing and filling out, even if his growth chart doesn’t reflect it well. 

img_2268Garrett loves Jackson.  He wants to be with and do everything his brother does.  It is so cute.  Garrett is jabbering all the time and officially says Ack (Jack), Hi Dad, Dada & Mama.  Of course I hardly ever get the Mama love.  (And when I do, I swear it is fake love.  He just wants milk!)  Garrett’s favorite word is Ack.  He points to Jack and screams “Ack, Ack!”  It is adorable.  If they nap at the same time and G wakes up first, he will stand in his crib screaming “Ack” and trying to wake Jack up.  Last week when Jack was at school G crawled around the living room saying “Ack, Ack”.  It was like he was wondering where his brother could be.  Garrett’s hair is much darker than Jack’s was at this age and is.  They look like brothers, but they really don’t look like each other.  Garrett is a tiny version of Travis.  Yesterday Travis was holding Garrett in church and they were looking eye to eye, Garrett was seriously a little replica of Travis.  They had the same look and smile on their faces.  It is really cute.  Garrett is a super happy baby.  He claps all the time and has learned how to give high fives– thanks to hockey games!  Basically, Garrett is just a totally easy, laid back, happy boy!

Jack turned 2 1/2 on March 19th.  Wow, how did he become a toddler so quickly?!  I don’t know for sure, but Jack is over 35lbs and may be closer to 37lbs.  I have no idea how tall he is, but all of a sudden he really looks like a little boy.  Plus, he has had a huge growth spurt and several pairs of pants either don’t fit or finally aren’t too long. img_2226 Jack talks all the time.  We are constantly amazed at what he comes up with and how articulate he can be.  Some of his new favorite phrases are “Well, actually….”, “Mama, what kind of food do we have in this house anyway?”  and he calls himself Baby Bear and me Mama Bear when he is really tired or upset.  He loves to feed Denver her food now and wants to help with EVERY chore in the house.  His “help” is sweet but not always very helpful!  He tells us all kinds of stories and recalls basically every experience we have.  It is amazing what he remembers and what events really make an impression on him.  Jack knows the alphabet, can count up to 10 reliably and is working on spelling and reading.  He loves letters and wants to know what every sign says and what words letters make.  I thin he is going to be an early reader.  I’m starting to look for ways to help him learn to read because he has such an interest.  The other day we were leaving Target and Jack told me that the Target sign has the letter G like Garrett’s name.  Then he realized it had a T like Garrett too.  I explained that if you added one more R to Target and rearranged the letters it would spell Garrett’s whole name.  You could see him trying to rearrange the letters in his head.  It was crazy.  Then as we passed the next shopping center he asked me what words the Giant grocery store sign made.  Needless to say, we spend most of our time in the car spelling and reading street signs.  I’m pretty sure Jack is going to keep me on my toes when it comes to school and keeping him challenged.  img_2097Hell, let’s be honest…Jack is just going to keep me on my toes!  The kid goes from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to sleep.  It is amazing how Jack couldn’t be more my personality and Garrett couldn’t be more Travis’. 

So that is the overdue and LONG update on the kids.  They are happy, healthy and keeping us busy.  Preschool will be out soon and our days will be filled with long trips to the park, lunch outside as much as possible and most likely a season pass to the kids water slides and pool.  I can’t wait to get outside more!!!


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Day Out With Thomas


On Saturday we took the boys up to Baltimore to the B&O Railroad Museum for a “Day Out With Thomas”.  Thanks to my friend Susannah for tipping us off to the event, we bought tickets weeks ago.  Basically they turn the roundhouse of the museum into a kids room with train tables completely outfitted with Thomas sets, a storytelling and video booth and Lego train displays.  Out in the train yard they had a few moon-bounces, a tent with Thomas tattoos and, the main attraction, a ride on Thomas. 

img_2285Jack had been so looking forward to riding Thomas.  He kept speculating about what other trains would be there and we kept telling him that all we could guarantee was Thomas.  Thankfully he was fully prepared, because Thomas was the only train.  The roundhouse was a little overwhelming since there were so many kids and it was noisy.  However, Jack checked out the train displays and played at the tables.  Before we were scheduled to ride Thomas, we went outside so he could check out the moon-bounces.  He played for a little bit and then it was time for our train ride.  Of course Jack was super excited to see Thomas and have the opportunity to ride on him.   I’m not sure what I expected the train to be like, but honestly I was a little surprised.  The engine that is painted like Thomas was excellent.  It was everything that any Thomas fan could imagine.  For Jack everything was perfect.  For me and Travis, the excellence ended with the Thomas engine.  I was expecting old restored trains that would be a throwback.  Instead, the rest of the train was an out of service Marc train (the Maryland Transit trains).  And it certainly wasn’t restored.  Even that would have been fine, but once the train got rolling we were quickly reminded of just what city we were riding the train through.  Our scenic ride included a tour of the Baltimore projects complete with garbage, graffiti and a police escort down the track.  Jack wasn’t phased but it was a long 20 minutes for Mom &img_2330 Dad.  The best entertainment was Travis’ one liners including the comment that he was sure we were in an episode of The Wire.  It was a little bizarre.

After our train ride we played a little bit more and then headed out.  We grabbed dinner on the way home, tired the kids out completely and made our way home.  It was an excellent day.  I can’t wait to check out the Strasburg Railroad up in Lancaster County, PA this summer.  It should be much better scenary!

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