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Jack’s Best Friend

IMG_1169, originally uploaded by mgianchetta.

Who knew that at not even two years old a little boy could have a best friend?! A few months ago Jack and I were reading a book about two friends. In the middle of the book Jack announced that “Jack, Ian best friends”. Even as I write this Jack saw the picture of Ian and said “Ian is best friend”.

Ian lives down the street from us. His Mommy, Susannah, and I are good friends and get the boys together as often as possible. Jack is about 4 months older than Ian and Susannah is expecting #2 who will be about 4 months younger than Garrett. It has been so fun to see the boys grow and change.

Lately we have been going to the park together a lot. The kids love to be outside and there is a great park that isn’t too far from our houses. We have to drive, but it is worth it because the play structures are huge and entertain the boys for a long time.


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Boy, Can They Eat!

I’ve decided that our kids are eaters.  Our fast growing little man Garrett thinks he needs to nurse as often as possible.  I keep thinking it is a growth spurt and soon he will settle into a schedule, but I’m beginning to wonder.  We are fast approaching the 8 week mark for the “G-Man” (as Travis & Jack so affectionately call him) and if I’d let him he would eat every 45 minutes most of the day.  I wonder where such a long and skinny boy puts all that milk?

Jack too likes to eat.  Our latest family favorite is to make blueberry pancakes on the weekend.  Poor Daddy doesn’t get too many pancakes.  Jack & Mommy are the little piggies who eat up most of them and Daddy is left with scraps!  (Jack IS a growing boy and since Mommy is feeding someone else every 45 minutes, she needs lots of sustenance!)  Blueberry pancakes are quite an adventure though, take a look at the aftermath on Jack.

Lately when you ask Jack what he wants for dinner, you receive a swift reply of “ICE CREAM”!  I think this makes Daddy very happy.  At last Travis has someone to share his ice cream addiction with.  Generally Jack and Travis share their ice cream (I like chocolate & peanut butter, so I can’t share with Jack) but occasionally we let Jack have his very own ice cream.  Since Daddy had to leave on a business trip Monday, we made a special outing to Dairy Queen where Jack had his own cone.  The picture tells the rest of the story!

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The Boys!

IMG_1190, originally uploaded by mgianchetta.

My how our little ones are growing!! Garrett is over 7 weeks old now and Jack will turn two in less than a month.

This picture is a great example of how things go at our house right now. If anyone is holding Garrett then Jack wants in on the action. I hear a lot of “Mommy put baby down. Mommy hold me. It’s Jack’s turn.” Patience are not a strong suit for a toddler, as evidenced by my bruised legs from Jack climbing on me while I nurse Garrett. My favorite phrase right now is “Mommy is not a jungle gym!”

Daddy is out of town this week, so I am on my own for the first time 24 hours a day. Things are going well. We have had a packed week. We are headed to the park this morning, so hopefully I’ll have time to post some new pictures.

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The boys!

DSCN3403, originally uploaded by mgianchetta.

I’m just tying the whole blog thing out, and wanted to post my first photo. I’m hoping this will be a great way to share photos and keep everyone up to date on all of our crazy days together with the two boys.

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