Our little extrovert!


Jack is our extrovert.  I’m pretty sure he has never met a stranger and he ALWAYS has something to say.  Sometimes it is exhausting.  It is amazing how similar his personality is to mine…which always makes me laugh.  Every time I feel like I want to just tell him to BE QUIET, I think of my sister.  When I was little (very little, like from toddler to 5 years old) I shared a room with my sister.  Sis (and yes we still call my sister “Sis”, even all her nephews just call her “Sis”) is nearly 12 years older than I am.  I always slept with my sister, not out of necessity, but because I hated to sleep alone.  Anyway…I wasn’t any older than 3 probably when one night I would not shut up.  (Enter similarities between me and Jack!)  Sis was tired of listening to me and I’m sure wanted to tell me to just be quiet, but I was not going to stop talking.  So, she told me a story.  A great big elaborate tale of how I was adopted.  This story went on forever and I totally believed her.  In the end she told me the truth– I am not adopted.  The funny thing is, she wanted me to be quiet and I’m sure it was because I had exhausted her with all my talk, but in reality I just got more worked up and talked more.  The same thing happens with Jack.  The more you want him to be quiet, the more he has to say.  Sometimes it is exhausting!  So Sis, sorry I talk so much and I hope I don’t exhaust you too often!!!

At least Jack is in a stage of saying very cute things and telling us big stories.  He has quite the imagination.  For instance, he has taken to calling me Mama Bear.  He refers to himself and Garrett as Baby Bear.  The cutest part of this is that when he gets really tired and upset he will say something like “Mama Bear, Baby Bear needs lubbies”.  “Lubbies” of course are “lovies”, which means he wants to be held.  He also asks for things by saying something like “Baby bear needs milk.”  It is super sweet and helps me to remember that although he is growing quickly, he truly is still my baby.  Jack is really perceptive and often comes up with the cutest things when he notices us doing something.  The other day I was struggling to get a lid open in the kitchen while Jack was eating at the table.  When I finally got it open he told me “Yea, you opened it Mama.  Remember lefty loosey, righty tighty.”  I cracked up.  I don’t even know where he learned that.  Not to mention, he only occasionally gets his left and right hands correct.  Usually we refer to them as his easy hand (left) and the other one (right).  Another frequent topic of discussion is hockey.  Of course, we spend a lot of time watching the Caps so Jack knows a fair amount about hockey.  He knows several players names including Ovechkin, Semin, Green, Kozlov, Fleischmann, Steckel, Backstrom and Laich.  Laich is funny because he says his name is Brooks Mike instead of Brooks Laich.  Every game we ask who he thinks is going to score and every game his answer is different.  The other day he rattled off all the players that he thought would score and then he finished up with “And probably Fleischmann is going to score because he has been on fire with the puck!”  It cracked me up.  The other night he also told me he was hungry, even though he had just had a snack a little while earlier.  He looked at me oh so seriously and said, “But Mama, I’m a hockey player and hockey players eat a lot!”  Are you kidding me?!?!

Jack has a really sweet nature.  He loves his little friends and talks about them constantly.  He is always making up stories about his buddy Ian.  He likes to pretend that he and Ian drive the Little Tikes car to the airport and then fly somewhere on vacation.  Occassionally us parents are allowed to come along too.  He also talks constantly about taking his friend Jacob to sporting events.  We went to a hockey game last season and one this season with Jacob and his family, so every game Jack asks if they are coming too?  He also really wants to take Mr. Vince, Ms. Marcy and Jacob ice skating.  I keep trying to explain that we probably won’t be going ice skating with Jacob’s family any time soon since Ms. Marcy is expecting a little girl in the next few weeks.  Jack also talks a ton about Amelia and Charlotte…usually in connection with going to see Mr. Skip or with preschool.  Amelia is in his class and he loves her!!  Apparently the other day he grabbed the pink ring on the rope train they take out to the playground and then told Amelia “Look Amelia, I saved the pink ring for you.  Now you can walk with me!”  What a little gentleman.  The great thing about Amelia is that she is so happy to let Jack run the show, so when they play together they have no problems.  They play together successfully and pretend the whole time.  It is great!!!


Nick & Jack

Jackand his babysitter Julie

Jack & his babysitter Julie

Travis’ college buddy, Nick, came to visit last weekend.  We had a great time.  Jack especially loved Nick.  He was very concerned what Mr. Nick was doing at any given moment.  They had a good time playing.  Jack conned Nick into making him “fly” and crash land on the couch.  I’m sure Nick was worn out, but Jack couldn’t have been happier.  He was sorry to see Mr. Nick go home!  We got a babysitter one night while Nick was here so we could grab dinner together.  Ms. Julie came over and I think Jack really had fun with her.  I found this picture on the camera when we got home.  Clearly they were having fun.  I love the picture and I’m so glad that she took it.  It is super sweet!!


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