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Jack’s 2nd Birthday

Okay, so I’m super slow updating the blog.  Jack’s Birthday was the 19th and I’m just getting around to posting now.  Sorry Mimi & Papa!!

Jack’s Birthday was great.  His actual Birthday was pretty uneventful.  We went out to dinner at a hibachi restaurant.  The waitress took forever, so the dinner itself wasn’t all that enjoyable.  We got ice cream afterwards at DQ and then headed home to open presents.  I didn’t think Jack would even makeit home without falling asleep, but he surprised me.  He started by opening two puzzles that Mimi & Papa got for him.  They were the Melissa & Doug buckle puzzle and one that has zippers, buttons etc.  He loved them so much we could barely get him to open anything else.  Finally he opened his new Kettler Tricycle and his Tractor from Sis & Uncle Beau.  Honestly he was not that impressed with either of them until the next morning when he could go outside and really ride them.

Saturday was Jack’s party.  We rented out the soft play room at the rec center for the party.  Jack loves the soft play room and I loved the fact that I didn’t have to try to entertain all the toddlers and their parents!  All the kiddos got to play for an hour and then we headed out to playground to have cake at the picnic tables.  It was perfect.

Now for the cake.  I spent the better part of the week making Jack’s cakes.  Yes, plural as in two cakes.  What 2 year old gets two cakes?  Mine does when his Dad promises him he can have Lightening McQueen and Mater for his birthday cake.  Yikes!!!  It was a huge endeavor but I did it.  The McQueen cake was not so bad- I had a cake pan and directions to follow.  Mater, well that was another story.  Apparently there is no Mater cake pan, so I had the fun job of cutting the cake out freehand and decorating it entirely from a picture we copied off the internet.  It wouldn’t have been too bad except for the fact that Mater is a rusted tow truck with lots of colors.  Shading with frosting is a littletricky!  After staying up until 1:30am on Friday night, I finally finished both cakes.  I am really proud of how they turned out.  I’m not as good as Mimi at cake decorating, but if my kids keep picking difficult characters I will be soon!



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On our way…

to Vegas!!  Finally we get a vacation.  Getting to the airport was no easy feat, but we made it.  We almost missed our flight but thanks to the mercy of a nice gate agent we made it!  You know it was close (and stressful) when Jack spent the first hour of the flight saying “We made it.  We’re going to Las Vegas!” 

The flights were fine.  Jack was a little miserable in the middle of our first leg.  Garrett was perfect the whole trip.  He didn’t even cry for take off or landing.  He was so sweet.  During our layover Jack used the 2 hours to run constantly pulling his new suitcase– Lightning McQueen.  The darn thing is so cute that people kept stopping to ask where we got it.

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First Day of Pre-School

Tuesday was Jack’s first day of school.  I’m not sure who was more excited me or Jack!  I think he had a great day.  We weren’t the slightest bit concerned if he would like it and were pretty sure drop off would go well.  We were right, he could have cared less about me leaving.  Unfortunately Travis wasn’t able to go with us to drop Jack off, so it was just me and Garrett.  When we got to school Jack just wanted to run inside to his classroom.   When we got in his room I helped him hang up his backpack.  Then he turned around, gave Garrett a hug in his carseat and ran away.  Apparently my leaving was of absolutely no concern to Jack!!!  I’m glad he was confident, but I would have liked at least a wave.  Nope, not my independent boy.  He just ran to play.

Sooooo, Garrett and I had 3 whole hours to kill without Jack.  It went by super fast.  We actually just ran errands and got ready for our vacation.  I’m looking forward to the time when Jack is occupied.  I think I’ll hit the gym or stroller strides some days, run errands on others and probably use the time to just be alone with Garrett.  We might actually get to nurse without someone else climbing all over us!!  I think the time will be good for Garrett too.

When I picked Jack up he was pretty tired but seemed to have had a good time.  The two little girls that came out before Jack burst into tears when they saw their Moms.  Jack was happy to see me but not overly excited.  I took that as a sign that he likes school and is comfortable.  We went and had Panera for lunch and then Jack enjoyed a nearly 3 hour nap.  All in all a good day!

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Natural History Museum

Last week was my first big adventure into the city with both kids.  We went to the Natural History Museum with Susannah, Susannah’s Dad & Ian and Katie & Elle there.  We rode the metro into the city with Susannah and then met Katie at the museum.  It was great!  We saw lots of bugs, went to the butterfly house and checked out the mammals.  Jack touched a caterpillar, which he thought was pretty cool.  He could have done without the butterfly house and was the only kiddo who didn’t have ANY interest in the butterflies.  Of course, the highlight of the entire trip for Jack was riding the metro. 

After a morning in the city with 2 kiddos, I’ve decided that such outings are tons of work and tons of fun.  It was difficult at times but worth it.  The fact is, we have so many wonderful museums and activities in our area that we really should take advantage of them.  It is worth all the hassle in order to expose our kids to such great things!

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Garrett’s 8 Week Checkup

Can you believe my little one is already 8 weeks old?!?!  Time is going way too quickly.  Today was Garrett’s two month checkup.  Everything is going well.  He weighed in at 11lbs,13oz and 23 1/4in.  The pediatrician told me I had good milk because they would have been happy if he had gained 2lbs above his birth weight.  I tell you what, I have good eaters!!  I weighed Jack too and he is officially over 30lbs. 

Garrett got four shots today and an oral immunization.  I think the oral medication was worse than the shots, although he cried for all of them.  Thankfully I was able to nurse him right away and he was much improved.  A real trooper!!  I don’t know what Moms who don’t breastfeed do?!  He’s been sleeping most of the day since the appointment.  Hopefully they won’t be too hard on him.  I always feel bad for the first set of shots because they are so small and they get so many at once.

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Labor Day Weekend

Whew…what a weekend.  I think it was supposed to be a long relaxing weekend but somehow I think we just ran around like mad!  We had fun though.  Somehow we managed to pack in getting a new tv and mounting it, a Jimmy Buffet concert, brunch with my cousin who was visiting from out of town, a barbecue with former neighbors and a final trip to Jack’s beloved water slides.  It was a lot for 3 days!!

So while Travis was out of town last week, Jack broke our flat screen tv in our living room.  How you say?  Let me tell you.  Months ago Jack learned how to turn off the power strip that several of our electronics were plugged into in the living room.  We keep as out of reach tucked behind a cabinet as possible, but periodically he still manages to get to it and turn it off.  Last week he was particularly interested in it and was getting to it all the time.  I did my best to keep him out of it, but sure enough he eventually blew the tv.  Can I tell you how miserable it is to spend 3 days without tv and your husband out of town?  Since Garrett arrived we have enlisted the tv babysitter a bit– especially for getting Jack down for a nap or when I’m nursing Garrett and Jack decides that I am his personal jungle gym.  I was going a little crazy!!  Anyway…Friday we bought a new 42″ flat screen.  Trav went to mount it that night and realized that we had to get a whole new mounting bracket.  Yea, Saturday morning we were at Costco bright and early to buy a new mounting bracket.  We had to get the tv up and functioning Saturday because we had a babysitter coming that night so we could go to the Buffet concert.  It wasn’t easy, but Trav did a great job getting it installed in time and it looks really nice.

The Buffet concert was great.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures.  We met two other couples for the show, our friends Brian & Josie and Vince & Marcy.  We all realized that we were getting old when we arrived at 5pm for the tailgate– a far cry from our days of arriving at Noon and drinking all day and night.  And even more comical, I had to pump milk twice so I wouldn’t be too engorged.  I keep joking that everyone goes to Buffet tailgates to see boobs, but probably not ones attached to a breast pump!  You gotta do what you gotta do.

On Sunday we met my cousin Jessica for brunch.  She is studying in North Carolina and was visiting a friend in DC this weekend.  It was great to see her and catch up– it had been a very long time.  The boys were pretty good at brunch and we were able to visit for a few hours.  I’m looking forward to spending more time together over the next few years!

On Sunday afternoon we went to a barbeque at our former neighbors house.  It had been waaaay too long since we had gotten together, so it was great to catch up.  Everyone had fun playing with the boys and Jack ate up all the attention!

We made a final trip to the waterslides on Monday evening.  The weather was warm but not too hot.  Jack was able to play in the sand box and slide several times.  It was a great last trip to the pool for the summer.  I don’t think he really understands that it is closed now until next year.  That’ll be fun to explain next weekend when he is all set to go!  At least we have a trip to Las Vegas in a little over a week.  He will get to swim everyday while we are on vacation.  What a little fish!

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Parenting Playgroups

My friend Elizabeth turned me on to a place called Parenting Playgroups.  It is pretty cool.  You can take your kids during open play times and they basically get to have unstructured play in a preschool setting.  They can paint, draw or color, use play dough or just play with all the toys.  Travis’ Mom and I took Jack and Garrett once when she was visiting and I liked it.  Last week they offered a free day, so we met Jack’s friends Jacob, Ian & Elle there to play.   They all loved painting.  It was a crackup because Jacob doesn’t really like to get his hands too dirty (which is a total contradiction because the kids loves to play in the dirt!) so it was fun to watch him get paint on his hands.  He had to stop several time to clean his hands and was especially irritated when one of the other kids “accidentally” painted him. 

 Jack of course loves to vacuum.  He always helps with this task at home, so it is no wonder he goes for the toy right away.  I’ve been looking for a kids vacuum that really picks up– I could use the help!  In the meantime his xylophone makes a wonderful pretend vacuum cleaner.  Thank goodness for an active imagination!

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