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Garrett, Our Little Character

Our Garrett, what can we say about that little guy?  He is friggin’ adorable!  He has the funniest little personality. He is happy, witty, smart and certainly a character.  He cracks jokes all the time and always keeps us on our toes.  He is sly, not sneaky, but sly.  He knows how to work a situation and gets what he wants easily.  He never gets in trouble at school because he has the teachers wrapped around his little finger.  In short, he is awesome!

When you get Garrett alone, away from his brother, his performance side comes out.  He loves not having to share attention and he will really shine in the spotlight.  He also could care less what anyone else is doing or thinks of him.  He is always his own person.  We have a ton of fun with G.  Here is a recent video of him dancing for me and Travis.  We love this kid!


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Saturday Night With Friends

Saturday night before last, the kids had a fun treat.  Jacob and Ellie came over for the evening while their Daddy & Mommy went to a dinner party.  It was the first time we had watched someone elses kids in the evening.  We had a blast!  Jack and Jacob get along very well and although they have quite different personalities they are both creative in their play.  They come up with great activities together and for the most part play without issues.  Garrett loves to try to keep up with the big boys, but he also plays well with Ellie who is a bit younger than him.  I adore Ellie!  She is sweet and sassy and completely her own little personality.  She is always my little buddy when we all hang out, so there were absolutely no issues when her parents left.

We grilled out hot dogs and hamburgers.  All the kids ate really well.  This isn’t always the case at dinnertime for any of them, so the fact that they all did such a good job was a pleasant surprise.  The owners of our rental house had left a charcoal grill behind, so we grilled on that.  Trav used a charcoal starter thing (technical term, you know) so the coals were super hot.  We had all the makings of s’mores at our house, including GF graham crackers, so we made a special treat for our good eaters.  It was so funny.  The kids each ate a s’more and were covered in marshmallow goo!  It was nice outside so at least we could have them all sit on the back patio to eat.  No sticky mess in the house. 

Of course, all the goo meant they had to have a bath.  We split the big boys up from the little kiddos and bathed them in two tubs.  Trav helped the big boys and I washed up the little ones.  They had so much fun.  They were cracking us up.  I was very impressed that Jacob and Ellie both let us wash their hair etc with absolutely no issues.  I know every family does bath time differently and it is so common for kids to have issues with getting their hair washed when someone different is doing it.  It was fine though.  They all played and had a great time.  We could tell they were all pretty tired, so we got them all ready for bed and let them watch a movie.  We got the movie started right around 7:30pm and then Travis and I felt very proud of ourselves.  We realized that in an hour and a half we had fed 4 kids, had dessert, bathed and clothed and started a movie for them.  We felt like rock star parents and sitters.  Kudos to us!

It was evident that all the kids were super tired and actually pretty ready for bed.  We started by putting the little ones to bed first.  Ellie was super cute.  She laid in her bed talking and calling out for people.  She went through all the standard ones; Mamma, Daddy, Jacob.  But then she kept saying one name over and over again.  At first I thought she was just calling for Daddy incessantly but then Denver left the room she was in and she really started calling out.  I realized she was calling for Maddie, her dog.  I’m not sure if she really wanted Maddie or she just wanted Denver to give her attention, but either way, she called for Maddie until she fell asleep.  It was very cute!  We put G to bed about the same time as Ellie.  He was exhausted and couldn’t keep his eyes open.  However, he didn’t want to miss out on anything.  He was very good and went right to bed.  But we discovered when we put Jack in bed a little later, that G had been laying quietly in his bed waiting for his brother.  It is so funny, our boys love to be in the same room and they really don’t like to be apart!  When the movie was over, we put Jack to bed and Jacob went to bed in our extra room.  Everyone basically went right to sleep.

By 9pm all kids were sleeping and Travis and I were watching a movie in bed.  More accurately, Travis was watching a movie and I was sleeping!  The entire next day Travis teased me that it was the easiest babysitting gig ever…I just slept the whole time!  Vince and Marcy picked the kids up around 11pm, I think, and everyone transferred to the car with no issues.  I think the kids may have woken up a bit but I know they slept well once they got home.

We had the best time with all four kids.  In fact, it really didn’t make our evening any different that usual.  The kids all played well, they ate well and they went to bed with no issues.  Jack kept asking if we could do this every Saturday night.  All the kids wanted to know if next time they could stay together until morning.  The big boys were plotting whose house they would sleep over at next time.  It was a breeze!  We can’t wait to do it again!

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Frying Pan Park

A couple of Fridays ago Travis came home early and we took the boys to Frying Pan Park.  It had been a long time since we had ventured out there.  So long, in fact, that I don’t think Garrett really remembered it.  Jack had gone with a friend at the beginning of last summer but I don’t G had been there since he was a baby.

It was a great time of year to get out there.  There were brand new pigs.  I mean brand spankin’ new.  I believe one litter had been born about 5 days earlier and the other litter was just 2 days old.  Is litter even the right term?  I don’t think I know.  Anyway, they were adorable.  The boys loved that they were all in a “pig pile” and squealing.  We watched them for a while two different times.  Eventually they got up to play.  A couple of the pigs were feisty and started chasing and biting their siblings.  The boys loved the wrestling that ensued.  We were also there at the end of the day, so all the animals were in the process of being fed.  The little pigs weren’t as quick to eat but they were cute when they finally figured it out.

There were also a few new calves and lost of lambs.  The calves were a little bit older so they had found their legs and weren’t as wobbly at the other babies.  The lambs were pretty cute.  There were three different Ewes with lambs all just a few weeks old.  I tried to explain to the boys how I had a bummer lamb when I was around their ages.  I don’t think they really got it.  Even though I explained that my Uncle brought me one of his bummer lambs, that it lived in a box in our laundry room, then the garage and eventually in the pen on our property and that we had to bottle feed it until it was big and strong.  They really didn’t care.  They just wanted to look at the animals!

Jack continues to love the goats most of all.  Ever since the first time we went to Frying Pan Park when he was a little guy, maybe a year, he has LOVED the goats.  At any of the local farms, he always seeks out the goats first.  There were only a couple this visit and they were in a different pen that we were used to, but he still found them and was all too happy to pet and attempt to feed them!

Garrett liked looking at the chickens, peacocks and bunnies.  He even got to pet a bunny.  Jack can stand the chickens and birds now, but they are still not his favorite.  We scarred him for life when he was a year old and we took him to the chicken sanctuary in Key West.  One encounter with an aggressive chick that wanted the feed in his hand, and I don’t think he’ll ever look at chickens the same! 

The boys played on the playground and enjoyed the sun.  I was struck by just how big they are getting.  Nothing at the playground was a particular challenge for Jack.  He had fun but he can get anywhere and do anything now.  Even G can really do most things these days.  He is still too short to get from the top of some of the ladders onto the actual play structure.  But that is really a height challenge not coordination or fear.  It seems crazy that they are already 2 1/2 and 41/2.  You really do notice their growth in that setting.  I remember how much older Jack suddenly seemed when G was born, so I know we will feel like both boys are so much bigger and older when the baby arrives in July!

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Ultrasound for Baby #3

We had our ultrasound for baby #3 back at the beginning of March.  I wrote the majority of this post then, but of course didn’t get the pictures uploaded.  So, nearly a month later…here is the post about our littlest munchkin!

The ultrasound was wonderful.  I love the moment when you get to see this little person on the screen in front of you for the first time.  It brings tears to both Travis and my eyes every time!  Isn’t it funny that no matter how many times you go through pregnancy and the birth of a child, it is never less important or special?

Our ultrasound went really well.  Baby was fairly cooperative and we were able to see everything we needed or wanted to see.  Of course we don’t find out the gender of the baby, so for us the excitement is just seeing the baby move.  We had a great tech this time and she really worked to make sure we saw the baby’s face.  It is funny, all three kids have spent a lot of time with their hands up around their face when we’ve had the ultrasound.  Jack was the worst about this.  He covered his mouth with both little fists almost the whole time.  But even this baby had a hand up during most of the ultrasound.  The baby moved quite a bit during the ultrasound but not so much that it was difficult to see.  It was great!

I also had an appointment with the OB that I used during my previous births.  Dr. Elliott delivered Jackson and Dr. Pinez, an OB he shares on-call with, delivered Garrett.  This time we have decided to have a homebirth, so we are not using their practice.  Instead we are using a midwifery office, Birthcare.  The decision to have a homebirth had nothing to do with my doctors.  To the contrary, the most difficult part of having a homebirth is giving up my doctors.  I love my OB practice and I had two very positive hospital births.  However, I hate the hospital!  With Jackson we stayed just over 24 hours in the hospital.  With Garrett we stayed about 14 hours after he was born.  I couldn’t get out of their fast enough.  I just want to be home with my baby and my kids, in my own bed (or a crappy rental bed but with my own really nice sheets!) eating good food!  I don’t want to have vitals monitored every hour, just when I fall asleep.  And even more importantly, I don’t want some nurse who means well but doesn’t have kids telling me how to nurse my baby or that I can’t sleep with my baby in my arms.  I want my bed, with my husband and my baby on my chest, nursing to their little hearts content!  All that being said, I miss my OB office.  It was so nice to use them for our Ultrasound and it was good to see my doc.  We asked their practice to be our hospital backup.  They thought it over but decided they couldn’t be our official backup.  Since  they share on call with other practices, not all the potential on call docs agreed.  However, our docs did say that should we have transfer when they are on call or during business hours that they are happy to deliver.  We will contiue to have Arlington Hospital as our transfer hospital.  We are comfortable there and really don’t think we’ll end up at the hospital anyway.

I am about 21  24 weeks now.  According to the ultrasound baby is due July 17th.  I was figuring the 17th or 18th, so that was a nice confirmation.  Everyone keeps telling me how 20 week ultrasounds aren’t accurate for determining due date, but I’m a bit skeptical.  Both of my kids were born on the due date that was given to us at the 20 week ultrasound (which in both cases was a day or two later than the date given at the initial ultrasound).  This was our one and only ultrasound for this pregnancy, so we’re going with July 17th.

Here are a couple of the pictures the tech printed for us.  I planned to upload more but the editing was a pain in the arse, so you only get two.  I’m sure you’re all very disappointed!  Enjoy the bab skeleton pictures!!

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