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Garrett 15 Month Well Baby

Garrett finally had his 15 month well baby checkup yesterday at 15 3/4 months.  We had a hard time getting an appointment partly due to the number of sick appointments they are scheduling these days and partly because of how disorganized our pediatrician’s front office can be.  A slight rant…prior to yesterday, the last four pediatrician appointments we’ve been to have resulted in us getting forgotten in the waiting room for at least an hour.  Mind you, after this happened the first time, I started going up to the front desk to check on our status after 15 minutes.  Still we were left for an hour in the waiting room.  Yesterday was better, we only waited for about 20 minutes in the waiting room and then the Doctor came right into our room.  However, we waited for a good half hour for the nurse to come back with his shots.  And when she finally did come back, it was after I asked three staff members to find our nurse so we could get the shots done.  Ridiculous!  My other gripe is that for the past several appointments they wouldn’t schedule the next well baby visit, 3 months from then, because they said their calendar wasn’t open to that point.  Come on, the first 18 months kids go every 3 months.  You are telling me that you can’t schedule the next well baby visit.  I don’t believe that!  I would totally switch practices (it isn’t a particularly close location) except that I really like a few of the doctors.  By in large, they leave me alone and don’t bother me about my slightly alternative ways.  So for now, I’ll put up with poor front office practices for doctors I am okay with.  Rant over.

The long-awaited stats…Garrett is 18 lbs 14.4 ounces and 30 in.  He is not on the chart for weight and only in the 10% for height.  His head circumference is in the 75% though.  The Doctor made a joke about him being so smart because his head is so big– more room for his brain.  Of course I got the usual talking to about the fact that he is not on the chart and that his growth is too slow.  I remain unconcerned.  Garrett IS growing and thriving.  He eats more than Jack and will eat anything.  He gets tons of protein and never passes up a snack.  We can see him growing out of clothes and getting more chunk on his thighs.  And above all, he is happy and amazing us with new words and skills all the time.

My favorite part of the appointments is the small judgements passed by the nurses.  I’m used to them because I’m generally doing or not doing something they don’t approve of and are all too quick to correct me on.  As we went through the normal 15 month questions, the first hiccup was when the nurse went over the shots G was supposed to get including the flu shot.  She said something like “and of course the flu shot, unless you aren’t getting it.”  I nicely said no he wouldn’t be getting the flu shot and she shot me the glare of death.  I just smiled and she sighed, as if to say “what an irresponsible parent to not vaccinate your child against the flu that will surely KILL him.”  Aaahh, if only she had experienced what I did post flu shot last year with Jack.  You only have to see your kid with a 106 temperature and unable to respond to you and end up in the ER once, to know that you won’t be subjecting your kids to that again.  I’m fine with defending the position, especially since both the pediatrician and our homeopathic Doctor have supported this decision entirely.  Then the nurse asks if Garrett drinks whole milk.  I said no.  And you could have heard a pin drop.  “He doesn’t drink whole milk, what milk does he drink?”  I answered that he is still breastfed, so he doesn’t drink milk and that we think he is at a minimum sensitive to milk if not completely allergic.  I couldn’t see her eyes, but I’m quite sure they were rolling!  This just makes me laugh.  Why is it that I have to defend the fact that I am breastfeeding my 15 month old?  And why would I need to give him cow’s milk when I’m giving him the perfect milk made just for him?  What seems so outrageous to them, seems so logical to me.  The situation really only conjures one question in my mind, where did we go wrong and when did we decide that nature has it all wrong and consumerism has it all right?  G and I still have a great nursing relationship, so why would I exchange something made just for him for something that isn’t?  Now, if we weren’t successful in nursing at this point then by all means we would investigate his dairy issues in more detail and determine what he should be drinking.  But since we can still breastfeed, we are going to.  (I’m not passing judgement on those who don’t breastfeed or don’t do it past a year, I’m just saying we do and I don’t see a need to make a change.  It is what works for us!)

Garrett’s verbal skills continue to grow by leaps and bounds.  Our kids are talkers!  My Sister says it is because I never shut up.  I’m sure she is right.  Garrett can really say just about anything you ask him to repeat and signs back all the signs that I have taught him.  This week he has sort of amazed me with his talking and cognitive skills.  He ALWAYS follows your directions.  Early in the week he found a pacifier in our bathroom.  He has never taken a paci but is enamored by them.  I had just gotten him out of the shower and was drying him off when he started saying “Isla, Isla” over and over again.  That was when I realized that he saw the paci and was saying Isla’s name because she has a pacifier.  G is also in the phase of loving to talk on the phone.  He picks up a play phone, says Hi and jabbers away.  When I was changing his diaper the other day I asked him who he was talking to and rattled off a few possible people, including Mimi.  He adamantly responded “No, Papa.” and then said “Hi Papa!” over and over again.  This was really the first time he has said Papa.  The next day he was again talking to Papa during a diaper change.  I told him Papa would be so happy to talk to him and he said “Happy?” then busted into the entire Happy Birthday song including Jackson’s name.  He of course slurs a few words but has the whole tune correct.  It is funny.  Both boys LOVE to sing Happy Birthday.  G also likes to sing the song from Mickey Mouse Club House, mainly because he likes to say “hot dog, hot dog, hot diggitty dog”.  I haven’t been feeling well this week (sinus infection), so Travis was making G’s lunch one day.  He asked him what he wanted and Garrett replied “hot dog”.  We didn’t have any hot dogs, so Trav asked if he wanted eggs.  G’s reply, “Ooohhh, ya.”  He is big into “Ooohhh” these days.  Another favorite word is penis.  G loves to point out his penis every time you change his diaper and say “Penis” over and over again.  I tell you, these boys love their penis from the beginning.  I don’t think my kids will have any problems with the anatomy portion of health class!

G’s next checkup is at 18 months.  I’m sure he’ll still be under 20 lbs and not on the growth chart.  I’m also sure he’ll have learned a ton of new words and will continue to keep us on our toes.  He may not be on the charts, but he is happy, healthy and growing every day!


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A Capital in the Making!

IMG_3257Our future Capital had his first ice skating lesson today!  After 3 long years of waiting, we have finally entered the realm of sports practice.  Whoo hoo, I’m a future hockey Mom!

Today was Jack’s first lesson of a six week skating class called Snow Plow Sam I.  We signed him up for the class through our local parks authority and it is held at the Mount Vernon Ice Rink which is about 10 minutes from our house.  Once he completes Snow Plow Sam I, II, & III, he can start taking the actual hockey lessons.  For now, he is learning how to skate.  Unfortunately Travis is out town this weekend and missed the first lesson.  I know he was super disappointed.  Jack and I had fun though.  I took G next door to play with Campbell for a few hours so that I could focus all my attention on Jack and get some much needed one on one time with him.  We got to the rink pretty early, so we got to hang out quite a bit.IMG_3245

For weeks Jack has been waiting for his skating lessons to start.  We signed him up for the class 3 or 4 weeks ago, so his anticipation increased exponentially after that.  You’d think we would learn not to tell him these kinds of things in advance, since we know he never forgets and talks about it to no end.  We keep explaining that this is a class for him to learn how to skate.  He just doesn’t quite understand that there will be no pucks, sticks or goals.  All he can talk about is that he “hopes no kids have to go in the penalty box” and “I’m going to score all the goals”.  Even after his lesson today, he still talked about the penalty box.  I have a feeling he’ll spend lots of time in the penalty box when he actually starts hockey!

Today’s lesson was pretty cute.  We rented his skates (actually free skate rental was provided as part of the class) and got his helmet and pads on.  A friend from our section at the Caps games gave Jack a hockey helmet and we bought him some knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards at Target.  We got all the gear on and once everyone arrived for the class, the kids all sat on the bench for the instructor to check their skates.  It is pretty cute to see all these little guys on skates!  After some quick instruction off the rink, she herded them onto the ice.  They were so funny.  They all were pretty excited to be there but had a hard time on the ice.  A few of the kids did pretty well with their balance and none of them were terrible.  They worked on getting down on their hands and knees like a puppy dog and then pushing off the ice to stand back up.  They marched a little and tried to follow each other in a line.  The instructor is a saint in my opinion.  She had one person to help her keep the kids on their skates but otherwise was on her own with a bunch of IMG_3220falling kids.  Of course, Jack doesn’t want to learn to skate, he wants to already be skating.  He goes after everything at 100 miles an hour and got a little frustrated.  At one point he fell and got really mad.  He started to cry and wanted me.  I met him at the edge of the ice and through tears he told me “It is really hard.  I’m feeling very frustrated!”  I encouraged him and his teacher, Shealee, told him that they were going to pick out small stuffed animals to throw and then march toward.  That was fine with him, he stumbled over to her and was back in the lesson.  They all kept falling but they did really well for their first week.  Thank goodness it is only 30 minutes.  Everyone was pretty done by the time the class was over.

It is pretty exciting to embark on the path of organized sports for your kids.  I have visions of 4am hockey practices and boys going in two different directions for games, but it is fun.  I really did love sports growing up and I’m excited for my kids to get that experience.  As long as they are interested and enjoying it, I think it will provide good life lessons for them and plenty of entertainment for us!

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Carving Pumpkins



On Tuesday night we carved our pumpkins.  I’ve been meaning to blog about it all week, but somehow this week has just gotten away from me!  Better late than never.

IMG_3167The pumpkin carving is a bit tricky with the boys at this age.  Jack is totally excited about the pumpkins and wants to help, a little too much actually.  Garrett doesn’t really know if he is interested in the carving or not, he just knows he likes to be in the middle of everything.  (G spent a good amount of time sweeping the deck for us.  Won’t we be lucky when the boys can actually do these kind of chores!)  Add in a little 3-year-old “I have to do everything myself!”, sharp objects and a messy job and you get quite the carving experience.  We made it though and our pumpkins don’t look half bad!

Last year we bought a really nice pumpkin carving set and a small book of templates post Halloween.  This was  our first year to actually get to use the nice set.  IMG_3168Boy, what a difference some nicer tools make!  We let Jack pick out the face he wanted and I picked one for G’s pumpkin.  Trav cut the tops out and for the second year in a row we got two pumpkins with hardly any insides.  They were perfect.  Just enough ooey, gooey, gross stuff for the boys to dig and play in but not so much that we were stuck trying to get everything out.  In the end, we could still get a little bit more out but there is only so much patience the boys can muster when they know carving is in store for them.  Trav carved one pumpkin and I carved the other.  I chose the harder face, so my carving took a bit longer than his.  With a lot of helping scooping, a little help carving and no major disasters, we ended up with a couple of great pumpkins.  I’m excited for when the boys get older and have more say in the carving.  They love it now, but I have visions of big pumpkin carving contests in our future!



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Pumpkin Patch


This year I really wanted to take the boys to a pick your own pumpkin patch.  They love going to all the fall festivals and farms, so I thought a pick your own patch would be a ton of fun.  I found a site (thanks Jenn!) that lists all the pick your own farms in your area.  I checked all the websites out and decided on one that I thought we would love– pick your own pumpkins, hayrides, corn maze and on and on.  Then it started to rain…and rain…and rain some more.  The weekend didn’t hold much promise for any kind of pumpkin gathering!  Sunday afternoon it started to clear up a little so we headed out for breakfast after church.  Of course the boys promptly fell asleep.  Trav took out the trusty blackberry and started searching for pumpkin patches near where we were headed for breakfast.  After much searching, he picked a patch and we headed out.  Well, it turned out that the one he picked wasn’t really near where we were and it wasn’t anything like what I had envisioned for our big day at a pumpkin patch!

After criss crossing around Northern Virginia we finally arrived at the pumpkin patch.  I think we were all a little disappointed when we pulled in and it was nothing more than a field in someones back yard.  It was a pick your own and did technically have a hay ride, but it was a far cry from the whole fall festival kind of thing.  I believe Travis made some comment like “Mommy REALLY wanted to pick your own pumpkin, so here we are.  Is this really what you wanted?”  I was disappointed but we had driven there and we did need pumpkins, and we definitely weren’t going to have another chance to get them as a family.  So we parked and checked it out!

Turns out, it was perfect.  It was a really nice little patch and the owner was so nice.  We put the boys in a wagon and made our way down the rows that carving pumpkins.  The boys got out and “searched” for their perfect pumpkins.  It was pretty cold, so we bundled them up.  Poor Jack’s coat is too small and we haven’t found one for this year yet.  G’s coat fits him but he looks so lost in it since he is so tiny.  None the less, they made their way around the patch.  Garrett wanted every pumpkin and tried to lift them all.  With each attempt he either yelled “UP”, “Ball” or “umpkin”.  He couldn’t have been happier, well, unless he could have actually lifted one of them!  Jack checked out several but finally found the perfect one.  We loaded the boys and the pumpkins in the wagon and made our way to the scales.  The policy of the patch was that if you guessed the weight of the pumpkin correctly you got a free gourd.  After several guesses, Jack was able to pick out his gourd.  We actually ended up getting several small gourds and pumpkins because the boys were having so much fun picking them out and they were CHEAP!  I think we spent half of what we did last year.  The owner had a little cart with hay bales hooked up to his wagon to give hayrides.  We got a great ride around the field.  It was quite bumpy and the boys were thrilled!  They had a stack of hay bales too, so after they tried out the tractor seat Jack climbed the bales.  All in all, we ended up being there over an hour.  It was getting cold and we were getting hungry, so we loaded up and headed out.  Our pick your own pumpkin patch was nothing like I had anticipated, but it was a great day.  Sometimes a little spontaneity makes for a great adventure!

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Maury Fall Festival

IMG_3107Saturday brought the umpteenth day in a row of rain.  We had planned to go to a pumpkin patch but it was still pouring and there was no way that was going to be fun.  We saw our friend John post on Facebook that it was the Maury Elementary School Fall Festival (being held indoors due to the weather) and decided to go support a good cause.  Maury is an Alexandria City school, in a very nice neighborhood, that until about 5 years ago was not a good school.  It was so bad that kids were being bussed in from around the city just so it could keep it’s doors open.  The families living in the neighborhood basically all had their kids in private school.   When they heard that the school was about to be closed, several parents got together and started their Kindergartners all at the same time.  The school grows and improves every year.  This is in sharp contrast to the elementary school in our neighborhood.  A major consideration of our home purchase was school district.  We purposely moved to Fairfax County and a district that was known for good schools.  In the four years that we have lived in our house, our schools have declined considerably.  So much so, that most people we know will be sending their kids to private school next fall.  Who would have thought that this would have been the case just 4 years ago?

The fall festival was really cute.  Entry was free and for a fund raiser they sold local Barbeque and baked goods.  They had set up three different kinds of mIMG_3110oonbounces in the gym and a pop-a-shot game.  The hallway was lined with face painting, baked goods for sale and a paint a pumpkin table.  The cafeteria was open to eat in and had music going.  We were there for a couple of hours.  Garrett was a little small for all the moonbounces since it was inside and so busy, but he loved just running around the gym.  Jack LOVED the moonbounces.  There was one that was a little difficult for him.  When he and Travis stood in line, Jack got really nervous.  He didn’t want to go at all.  Then a little boy in line said that he would go with Jack so he wouldn’t be scared.  Jack told him to hold his hand, so the boy did.  He held Jack’s hand all through the line and then helped him get through the moonbounce course.  It was super cute.  I have to say that I was very impressed with the boy who helped him.  He was much older and it was so kind and thoughtful of him to help a 3-year-old.  We all ate lunch and were even able to buy a few gluten-free treats to enjoy.  Jack painted a pumpkin and we called it a day.  Not bad for an impromptu Saturday!

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Big Week!

It has been a pretty big week around our house.  Travis left Saturday morning to go to Montana and the boys and I have been on our own all week.  I’ve been trying to keep us busy and hoping we don’t kill each other.  We’ve had good success so far!

Travis left Saturday morning to spend an extended weekend in Montana with his parents.  Trav’s Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in May, had a double mastectomy and has been undergoing chemo treatment since June.  Monday was her last chemo treatment, so Trav wanted to be there.  He took an o’god-thirty flight out of Dulles and made it into Missoula in time to catch a Griz football game with his Dad.  The rest of his trip sounds like a whirlwind.  They’ve been on the go, so I think he’ll be ready for the weekend.  I am ready for Saturday– I have dibs on sleeping in and getting out of the house sans kiddos!

Saturday afternoon the kids and I went to Baby Loves Disco.  We had a great time.  Luckily it wasn’t too busy, so it was pretty easy to contain to mad men on the dance floor and around the snack table.  G spent a lot of time on my back in the Ergo– mainly because he kept asking for “back, back”.  I’m so glad that he is content to see the world from my back so often.  It truly makes errands and events on my own SOOOOO much easier.  The boys had fun playing the piano this time.  I don’t know if they had ever really discovered it before, but they spent a good amount of time pounding away at the keys.  They both love music.  (As an aside, Jack recently told me he didn’t like the music playing in the public restroom.  When I asked him why he said “It’s a little off key and I just don’t like those sounds.”  According to Trav’s Mom, Travis has perfect pitch.  Maybe Jack got it too.  If not, we know he got plenty of my attitude!)  We did have to leave BLD a little early though.  Jack had a breakdown and got totally aggressive with Ian.  There are lots of times when Ian and Jack go at it and it is provoked equally.  This was DEFINETLY not one of those times.  Poor Ian was just hanging out, tryin’ to have a great time and Jack totally pounced.  Not a fun time for Mama and certainly not for poor Ian.  So we bolted before things got worse!  The boys were in desperate need of haircuts, so we swung by the mall and saw John the barber.  They look handsome!

Sunday was a sort of monumental day for me and G.  We went to church and Garrett stayed the entire service in the nursery.  Yahoo!  I’ve been putting G in the nursery since he was just a few months old, but several months ago he started freaking out.  He even sometimes cries on my day to work in the nursery.  If he can’t see me for a second he will break down, even though I’m staying the whole time.  It is really difficult for me.  Jack never had an ounce of separation anxiety, so this is all new to me.  I always try to leave G but often he doesn’t make it longer than 5 minutes.  This week ,Ashley who use to work full time in the nursery, was helping out.  G loves Ashley and stayed the whole service.  I was surprised and grateful.  If there was ever a week I really wanted to have a break, this was it!  After church we met my cousin Jessica in Old Town for lunch.  Jess was traveling through the DC area back to school in North Carolina after a wedding in New Jersey.  She called earlier in the week to see if we could get together.  We had a quick lunch at Chipotle and then hung out in the square in Old Town.  It was awesome to see her and catch up.  She was with a friend, Brad, who completely entertained my kids so we could just talk.  He was so thoughtful and the boys loved him.  I’m pretty sure Jack through at least 25 pennies in the fountain and made grand wishes including new toys for everyone in the family.  Super cute!  Jess, you are welcome to visit anytime.  We love your company!!!  After nap time on Sunday, we hung out with our neighbors across the street and then rode bikes and had dinner with Eric, Susannah, Ian & Isla.  I was thankful for the break, especially all the help from Eric & Susannah.  I was having a rough day and the company of good friends made it all better!

Monday was a holiday, so Jack didn’t have school.  I was sort of dreading it but it was okay.  Not our best day, but could have been worse.  Honestly, I was expecting the whole time Travis was gone to be pretty terrible but it has been okay.  We went to Stroller Strides in the morning and played on the playground afterwards.  I had packed a lunch for us, so we ran a few errands.  The boys took shorter naps than usual.  On Monday night Jack and I went to the hockey game.  It was our special date night.  Jack had been super aggressive all day and I actually was considering leaving him home with the babysitter.  I was so looking  forward to our date though, that Travis convinced me to take him to hockey.  His behavior improved drastically and we had a good time.  Caps lost, but it was still worth going.

Yesterday the boys and I spent the day in Leesburg, VA.  Jack had a follow up appointment with the homeopathic doctor.  We left early and hit the outlet mall for a few hours, played at the play area outside and snacked.  Jack’s appointment went well.  We have seen great results in improved behavior by adjusting his diet and supplementing with different vitamins.  Jack was severely deficient in Vitamin D and Iron and starting him on those supplements made a big difference in bed time, restlessness and just demeanor in general.  If your kiddo is super restless, has bad dreams and even just angers easily, consider having their Iron and Vitamin D tested.  You might be surprised like we were!  We’ve had sort of rough few weeks with Jack.  He burnt his arm on my crock pot while trying to help with dinner.  It was completely my fault and I felt terrible.  He ended up going on antibiotics for the burn (which makes it sound much worse than it really was) and the meds were terrible.  Why do pharmaceutical companies insist on making all children’s medication hot pink and chuck full of sugar?  Needless to say, Jack was on fire for a week.  And ever since then he has been really aggressive.  The homeopathic Dr. changed up his vitamins a little for the next few weeks and assures us he will be back to his normal, spirited self soon.  We hope so!  At his appointment we decided to have Jack take the ALCAT test.  This is a panel of blood work that will test him for 200 food sensitivities and allergies.  When we get the results we will be able to adjust his diet correctly and potentially put him on a rotation diet that will allow him to still eat some foods, just not as often.  We are pretty anxious to get the results and start down this path.  Thank goodness for alternative medicine!

Last night I got a little break from the kids.  I went to the Capitals Season Ticket Holder party at Six Flags.  They opened up the park just for season ticket holders, including the roller coasters.  I met our friend Brian there and a couple of his friends.  You can stand in line to get autographs from the players, but we headed straight to the rides.  Four roller coasters and one of them twice in about 3 hours.  It was awesome.  I forgot how much I LOVE roller coasters.  It has been a while since I’ve been able to ride them.  What a thrill.  I’m sorry Trav missed it but I’m glad that I had a break!  Thanks Brian for taking one for the team and hangin’ with your buddy’s wife!

Today was a school day, so G and I caught up on errands.  Jack took a great nap after school and tonight Daddy comes home.  We have all missed him madly and can’t wait to see him!  We made it though.

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It’s Fall!

It’s Fall!  Well, sort of fall like.  The weather has actually been pretty nice and we have been taking advantage as much as possible.  We spend most afternoons bike riding and playing outside.  This morning we had a fun playdate with Elizabeth, Charlotte & AJ and our new friends Samantha, Jack & Kate.  The kids had a great time playing outside and enjoying their chance to play in the street (ie. cul-de-sac).

IMG_3093To kick off the Fall season we spent last Thursday at Cox Farm.  We visited Cox Farm last year with several of our playgroup friends and loved it.  Last Tuesday on our way to Stroller Strides, Jack asked me when we were going back to the pumpkin patch.  Ironically, when we got to SS Elizabeth asked if we wanted to go to Cox Farm soon.  We decided on Thursday and invited the crew.  Only Marcy could join us, but it was a perfect sized group and we had a blast.

The farm was basically the same as last year, but they did add a new Kiddie Zone for smaller kids.  It was in an area of the farm that we hadn’t really visited last year.  IMG_3090It was nice because it was a fenced off area with a wooden train for the kids to play on, a “corn” box (corn kernels instead of sand), some small slides, hay bales and a few picnic tables.  We were able to hang out in there while we all nursed our younger kids and the bigger kids played.  Then we ate our picnic lunches before setting off to the big slides, the wagon ride and the baby goats.

Jack has entered a phase of being scared of things and getting spooked.  He didn’t like one of the slides because there were voices at the top of it.  He alsIMG_3086o got a little frightened on the wagon ride because of some of the voices and the displays.  They really weren’t scary but he seems to be pretty sensitive.  Any issues he had with the ride though were all resolved by milking Molly the cow and the outstanding slides. 

Marcy took Jacob & Jack to milk Molly the cow while I used the restroom.  I missed the initial milking but because there was no line, they allowed the boys to try itIMG_3091 again.  They were very excited and proud that they had milked a cow.  As we walked away I asked Jack if Molly had milk like I do.  He looked at me and confidently declared as he bent over “No Mommy, not at all.  Molly’s milk comes out of her butt.  Like this.” and then preceded to demonstrate how to milk a cow from his bottom.  Marcy and I died laughing.  I guess it does seem a bit like the utters come from her bottom!

All of our kids had a blast on the slides once again.  These are pretty big slides and I’m always amazed at how easily they go down them.  Even Garrett really got into it.  We started G out on a IMG_3078smaller slide that was difficult to climb up to.  I actually had to go with him, not because of the size of the slide but because once I got him up there it was easier to just slide down than try to crawl back down.  When we got to the bigger slides G really wanted to go down those too.  I took him down a few times on my lap,  but frankly my butt was getting hot on the slide and I was getting tired of trekking down it.  After careful consideration (and the go ahead from Marcy), I sent him down it by himself on his tummy.  I was sure he was going to cry at the bottom.  Nope!  He just bounced up, turned around, clapped and ran to Elizabeth to help him get started back up the hill.  The kid is fearless too!

We finally pried the kids away from the slides by letting them go into the goat petting zoo area.  For a dollar you can buy an ice cream cone filled with hay and feed for the goats.  Jack LOVES goats and especially feeding them.  I don’t really mind the mess and smell of it all.  Elizabeth is not a fan of the goat pen, but she kept made it through it and the kids loved it.  Garrett ran around saying “Baby, baby.”  He also triedIMG_3099 to follow the goats under a bridge.  He got halfway into it, stopped and started signing and saying “Danger”.  It cracks me up what he determines to be danger!  Jack chased and tried to pet every goat in there.  Charlotte and Jacob fed and played and tried to pet them too.  It was great…until Jack was screaming crying.  For a split second I couldn’t find him. I had just asked Elizabeth if she saw him when we both saw him sitting on the ground with a woman who was ripping his shoe off.  I ran down there thinking he had surely tripped and broken his ankle or something.  He was pretty worked up (not like him!) and she thought that he might have gotten stung.  We checked his foot and it looked like he may have.  I took him out to the counter outside the pen to check everything out IMG_3073and use their first aid kit.  Sure enough, he had gotten stung.  Not once, not twice, but three times right next to each other.  Poor kid.  I was a little freaked out because Travis is allergic to bees.  I figured in about 30 seconds he was going to swell up and quit breathing.  But, he was fine.  We wiped it off with an anti sting wipe, put a little paste on it and gave him a couple of band aids.  No problem.  Phew…it could have been bad!

Soon we will be getting pumpkins to carve and planning Halloween costumes.  As usual, the Fall is flying by.  In no time I’ll be blogging about winter and snow.  In the meantime, we will spend as much time as possible outside savoring the end of the good weather.

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