A Very Happy Mother’s Day

Today was an excellent Mother’s Day!  My little boys woke me up on the early side, but they were pretty good and played together while I got my coffee and woke up a bit.  They were very excited for Mother’s Day and both wished me a Happy Mother’s Day right when they came downstairs.  They couldn’t wait for me to open all my gifts.  While they waited patiently for Daddy to wake up, they made me cards.

Gift giving is pretty special in our family. The boys love to give gifts and they pick out all the gifts that they give. This can be a real exercise in patience for the parent that accompanies them on their shopping trip.  However, it is always worth it because they are very thoughtful and really do pick out great gifts.  This year for Mother’s Day the boys picked out a new nightgown and robe for me.  The nightgown is red with small black pin dots and the robe is white with red ladybugs all over it.  This was the one gift they picked out together, being sure to go up a size so it would fit over my big belly and I can wear it right away!  Jackson got me a set of plastic tumblers for “really big drinks” and “eating out on the patio”, along with a new glasses case for the new pair of eye glasses I recently got and some chocolates.  He also made me neat plate at school that said “To Mom I Love You Jackson” with each word written in a different color.  The super sweet part of this was that the To was in red (because it is a love color), the Mom was in orange (it is my favorite color), the Love was in pink (another love color) and the Jackson was in purple (his favorite color).  I knew the significance immediately, but he was quick to explain it as well.  Garrett picked out a set of glass ramekins with lids for me.  He really liked them because he knew I like things to use in my kitchen, but even more importantly the picture on the box showed one of them filled with sprinkles.  Since you can’t go wrong with sprinkles, he just had to have those for me!  He also picked out some chocolates for me and made a gift for me at school.  Garrett’s gift from school is an adorable little box that he painted including thumb print drawings of flowers, a bee, a butterfly and a ladybug.  Tucked inside was a little chocolate and a cute saying, while the outside rim of the lid had a scripture written on it.  It is so sweet!  Both boys even picked out gift bags for my presents.  Keeping with his being good to the earth theme, Jackson picked out a reuseable bag!

After presents we quickly got ready and headed to church.  The service was excellent as usual and the boys sang in the Cherub Choir at the service immediately following ours.  We’ve missed quite a bit of choir practice lately for various reasons, so the boys weren’t as confident singing their song as usual.  However, they did fine and had a great time.

After church we had breakfast at one of my favorite breakfast joints and then played mini-golf.  We golfed at our favorite $2 per person course at the local county camp ground.  We love to mini-golf there because there is rarely anyone else there.  We never get rushed and we can play the holes more than once if we want to.  Mini-golfing is one of my favorite family activities.  The boys have so much fun and they are such a crack up to watch.  Every time Garrett makes it in the hole, it is a hole-in-one even if it is his 10th shot on the hole.  Jack plays ahead of us most of the time but circles back to “help” us with our shots when necessary.  They always have a blast!

Jack has hockey on Sunday nights.  After a little nap for each of the kids, we all went to hockey.  I didn’t go at all last week, so I actually saw a ton of improvement in Jack’s skating just from two weeks ago.  He loves the class he is in right now and skates so hard.  They really do skate hard for an hour and fifteen minutes.  I don’t know if I could keep up with them.  He is progressing so well and really gaining confidence.  He is one of the youngest and possibly smallest kids on the ice, but he is doing well.  There is a marked improvement in his skating ability and skill level in general since he started this session of mini-mites.  It is fun to see him improve!

After hockey my boys took me out for Bar-B-Que.  Since it was such a nice evening we were able to sit outside.  The kids were once again excellent at dinner and we really just got to hang out and enjoy each other.  Dinner was good too!

My Mother’s Day was really special.  The kids were so good today and very thoughtful all day long.  I enjoyed our day hanging out as a family and can’t think of anything that would have made it better.  I’m very thankful for my little guys and for my sweet hubby.  They worked hard all day to make it special for me.  I hope all the other special Mama’s in my life had it as good as I did today!  Happy Mother’s Day!


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