Earth Day Tree

Jackson was so excited for Earth Day a few weeks back.  He had been learning about Earth Day and caring for our planet at school and could not wait for this very special day.  For the past month of two he has been pretty concerned about conservation as he sees it.  He reminds us not to waste water when washing our hands or brushing our teeth.  He will often tell us that we should turn off extra lights around the house.  He is constantly looking for things to recycle and reminding us that we can turn empty bottles and other items into something new to use.  However, the most important point of conservation that seems to have stuck with Jack is that trees are really important to the environment.  He doesn’t like to see trees cut down and he tells us all about how the trees provide oxygen into the air so that it is clean and good for us.  I love the 4-year-old version of all of these things.  He is so serious and he loves to educate us all!

In an attempt to celebrate Earth Day, the boys planted trees.  Lowes was giving away free trees over the weekend of Earth Day, so we stopped in for ours.  Jack was hoping they would be apple trees so that he could eat the fruit.  They were Frasier Fir and he was equally excited, knowing they are Christmas Trees.  Of course the free tree was a pretty small sapling, too small to even plant effectively in the ground.  This was probably our good fortune since we can’t really plant anything at our real house right now.  We picked up our trees, each of the boys picked out a simple pot, we got our special soil and we were off.

The day we picked up our trees got away from us, so Travis helped the boys plant them a day or two later after dinner.  They loved planting and are so proud of their new trees.  Since they are so small we actually put them on our front porch and they get to see them every day.  They check on them all the time and are always adding leaves or sticks to the pots so that their trees have plenty of nourishment.  Daddy dutifully removes said sticks and leaves whenever he notices them!  The whole process makes me giggle!  A few days ago we noticed that both of their trees are sprouting and growing.  So far they are doing a great job caring for them.  They can’t wait for the trees to be big enough to plant.  In the meantime, they are enjoying them everyday!


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