Easter Sunday 2011

Easter this year was a ton of fun.  We went to the Sunrise Service at church, found Easter baskets, hunted eggs, played outside and enjoyed a fabulous dinner with great friends.  And the weather was perfect!  I don’t think we could have asked for a better Easter!

For the past few years we have attended the Sunrise Service at church.  The service is at 7am, is held on the front lawn of the church and features a blue grass band for the music.  Everyone brings lawn chairs or blankets and they have donuts and coffee during the service.  It is so great.  Although we neglected to grab lawn chairs from our real house, I did remember I had my yoga mat in the car.  It worked perfectly!  We also remembered to bring GF donuts for Jack so we could all enjoy a special treat for breakfast.  Not that we would need anymore special treats added into our day, but it isn’t very often that Mama relents and lets the kiddos indulge in sweet treats!  The only thing we forgot was to bring bread so Jack could take communion.  He is usually in Sunday School during the service, so it hadn’t really occurred to us that he can’t take communion since it is real bread.  Something we will have to work out before summer when his Sunday School is on break and he attends the service with us regularly.  He was a little disappointed that he couldn’t take communion but he handled it well.  G didn’t want to take communion but then once we got all the way through the line and it was almost over he decided he did want it.  Really he was just bored and wanted to do something.  We got through it and enjoyed the service immensely.  The kids loved the music and Jack danced to all the music.  We were pretty front and center, so he even got a shout out from the pulpit as a future dancer.  He beamed with pride when he realized that our pastor was referring to him!

After church we came home and the boys found their Easter baskets.  The Easter Bunny left them on the dining room table but the boys didn’t want to know where they were.  They wanted to find them.  I guess the Easter Bunny needs to remember that they like to hunt for the baskets too and hide them next year.  Following suit to last year, Garrett went straight for the candy in the eggs while Jack checked out what all was in the basket.  Jack opened some candy eggs too, but his first thought is always the stuff while G is always looking for the sweets!

We headed out to the backyard to look for the eggs the Easter Bunny had hidden.  The boys did a good job hunting eggs.  They worked together well and helped each other find eggs.  They really do love to play together and are always making sure each of them gets an equitable share of things.  I hope they continue with that sentiment.  It is super sweet to watch.

The boys were pretty excited to play with their new little toys in their baskets, so they quickly got caught up in doing a puzzle, reading with Daddy and then playing bubbles.  They spent the better part of two hours playing bubbles outside.  They had a blast.  It didn’t hurt that the weather was spectacular and for the first day in a while they could just be outside playing.  Bubbles were certainly the hit of the basket.  Glad the Easter Bunny picked those up at the last minute at Target!

We had Easter dinner with our friends Vince and Marcy.  They invited us to their house in the late afternoon for dinner.  Marcy made a great ham and of course we all indulged in plenty of yummy food.  The kids and dogs, Denver got to come too, played outside all afternoon and into the evening.  Travis was watching the score on a hockey game, so in the end the kids ate outside and the parents ate while watching hockey.  I’m not sure I should admit that, but we all enjoyed it!  It is so nice to have friends that we can get together with and just be casual.  Our kids all play well together and the occasional fight is easily resolved.  Even better, it is generally resolved with little parent intervention.  I feel like hanging out with Vince and Marcy and their kids is one of the few times that I don’t have to be as on edge with my kids.  I’m not a hovering parent but my kids can be overwhelming to other kids and parents too.  Jack is intense, talks all the time and FULL of energy.  Garrett is more laid back but he can be just as loud and energetic at times.  I always am on guard to make sure they keep their activity down a bit with other kids or at other people’s houses, but when we hang out with Vince and Marcy it isn’t like that.  The kids personalities balance each other out.  And if something happens I know that everyone can discipline appropriately, so I don’t have to worry that my kid got blamed for something he didn’t do or didn’t get in trouble for something he started.  It just always works out the right way without issues.  On a Holiday where I am thankful for the resurrection and celebration of life, it is fitting to spend it with such good friends.  Thanks guys for having us over!  It was a perfect ending to a wonderful Easter!


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