Coloring Easter Eggs

On Saturday morning we colored Easter Eggs as a family.  For the second year in a row Mom wasn’t really thinking and bought brown eggs.  Doh!  Luckily, I had 3/4 of a dozen white eggs in the fridge.  I boiled up all my white eggs and some of the brown so the boys would each have a dozen eggs to dye.  Hopefully after this I will remember to get white eggs!

Both boys enjoyed coloring eggs.  We bought a traditional Paas color kit and then also got an egg stamping kit.  The stamping kit didn’t really work as stamps but it did work to just color the eggs.  G loved the regular dyes, mainly because he liked dropping the eggs in the cup.  Yes, he literally dropped them.  We had to do lots of helping so we wouldn’t have dye everywhere and broken eggs!  Jack actually loved painting the eggs.  It was great too, because it meant that the brown ones got a deeper color and turned out fine.  The regular dye wasn’t too successful on the brown eggs unless you used blue.  At least they are little and they don’t care!

A side note on the egg coloring.  We noticed that none of our egg colors held up to the dew in the grass this year.  They all seemed to run and get messy.  My poor egg salad had tinges of blue in green from the dye that seeped through when the kids cracked the eggs on their hunt.  Oddly enough, I heard at least two other friends complain about the same thing.  I’m wondering if they changed the dye this year??  So strange!


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