Soccer for Garrett

After nearly a year of begging, we finally signed Garrett up for soccer.  I’d been looking for a program for a while but was having a hard time finding something in our area that allowed kids under 3 years old.  All the programs that I could find seemed to be either parent coached, like kickball, where you pay to have your kid go every Saturday morning for 6 weeks to literally kick a ball with other kids their age or they just weren’t near us.  I saw on Facebook that some friends had signed their son, Oliver, up for a soccer class and he is only a few months older than G.  Turns out the class is at a park about 2 minutes from our rental house, is on Saturday mornings and is actually skill  based.  The skill based part is important to me.  If we are going to pay for our kids to play some sort of sport as toddlers, I feel strongly that they should at least start to learn real skills for the game.   Otherwise, why am I paying for it?  We can take a soccer ball to a park and run around with friends for free.  We don’t need to pay someone to tell us what time to be at a park for that!

Earlier last week Travis took Garrett out to get all his new soccer gear.  This was a huge deal.  First off, anytime G gets to be alone with his Dad is super special.  Travis spends tons of time with the  boys but usually it is with both of them or sometimes with Jack.  Just because of logistics, it is less often that Garrett and Travis get to do something alone.  The other super exciting part of going with Daddy to pick out soccer gear was that Jack doesn’t get soccer gear.  This is a class just for Garrett.  Jack has hockey right now, so we won’t allow him to pick up other activities.  For the first time ever, G gets to do something that his brother can’t.  Even bigger bonus, Jack has to come watch his brother for a change!  So after a rather long trip to Target, Daddy and G returned with soccer socks with built-in shin guards, new shorts and a soccer ball.  Garrett was so excited.  It was adorable.  All week he was asking if it was his soccer day.  By the time Saturday morning came, he was up at 6am ready to go!

The soccer practice itself was fine.  It was a little disorganized but Garrett loved it.  The age group is 2 and 3 year olds.  I would guess that his class runs on the younger side, though it is hard to tell.  Our kids tend to be very verbal for their ages, so sometimes it is hard for us to determine if other kiddos are close to their age or not.  There was a lot of parent participation this week, which I don’t think any of us were anticipating.  I guess with kiddos that small, it does help to have a parent reinforcing the directions for the drill and just keep kids where they are supposed to be.  The class is 45 minutes which is pretty long.  It felt REALLY long on Saturday because it was pretty darn cold.  I actually felt a little guilty that I hadn’t dressed him warm enough.  Who knew you would need more than sweatpants, long-sleeved shirt and heavy sweatshirt for soccer in March in DC?!  Anyway, the skill drills the kids did were cute.  There was lots of running around and the coach was good at keeping the kids attention.  One of the last games they played was essentially freeze tag.  Garrett was picked to be the kid to chase and tag the other kids.  He was very proud to be going first but clearly didn’t understand the game.  When his coach told him to go, he just took off running as fast as he could.  Travis had to run him down and help him to start tagging other kids.  It was hysterical.  Of course, he could have cared less.  He was just so proud that he got to be first and that he got to run!

G’s first soccer class was fun.  He and Oliver both did really well and are two of the most coordinated kids in the class.  They both had a blast and were so proud.  It was adorable when they were waving goodbye to each other after class.  We are all looking forward to the boys seeing each other every Saturday and to see how the soccer class goes.


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