Saturday Night With Friends

Saturday night before last, the kids had a fun treat.  Jacob and Ellie came over for the evening while their Daddy & Mommy went to a dinner party.  It was the first time we had watched someone elses kids in the evening.  We had a blast!  Jack and Jacob get along very well and although they have quite different personalities they are both creative in their play.  They come up with great activities together and for the most part play without issues.  Garrett loves to try to keep up with the big boys, but he also plays well with Ellie who is a bit younger than him.  I adore Ellie!  She is sweet and sassy and completely her own little personality.  She is always my little buddy when we all hang out, so there were absolutely no issues when her parents left.

We grilled out hot dogs and hamburgers.  All the kids ate really well.  This isn’t always the case at dinnertime for any of them, so the fact that they all did such a good job was a pleasant surprise.  The owners of our rental house had left a charcoal grill behind, so we grilled on that.  Trav used a charcoal starter thing (technical term, you know) so the coals were super hot.  We had all the makings of s’mores at our house, including GF graham crackers, so we made a special treat for our good eaters.  It was so funny.  The kids each ate a s’more and were covered in marshmallow goo!  It was nice outside so at least we could have them all sit on the back patio to eat.  No sticky mess in the house. 

Of course, all the goo meant they had to have a bath.  We split the big boys up from the little kiddos and bathed them in two tubs.  Trav helped the big boys and I washed up the little ones.  They had so much fun.  They were cracking us up.  I was very impressed that Jacob and Ellie both let us wash their hair etc with absolutely no issues.  I know every family does bath time differently and it is so common for kids to have issues with getting their hair washed when someone different is doing it.  It was fine though.  They all played and had a great time.  We could tell they were all pretty tired, so we got them all ready for bed and let them watch a movie.  We got the movie started right around 7:30pm and then Travis and I felt very proud of ourselves.  We realized that in an hour and a half we had fed 4 kids, had dessert, bathed and clothed and started a movie for them.  We felt like rock star parents and sitters.  Kudos to us!

It was evident that all the kids were super tired and actually pretty ready for bed.  We started by putting the little ones to bed first.  Ellie was super cute.  She laid in her bed talking and calling out for people.  She went through all the standard ones; Mamma, Daddy, Jacob.  But then she kept saying one name over and over again.  At first I thought she was just calling for Daddy incessantly but then Denver left the room she was in and she really started calling out.  I realized she was calling for Maddie, her dog.  I’m not sure if she really wanted Maddie or she just wanted Denver to give her attention, but either way, she called for Maddie until she fell asleep.  It was very cute!  We put G to bed about the same time as Ellie.  He was exhausted and couldn’t keep his eyes open.  However, he didn’t want to miss out on anything.  He was very good and went right to bed.  But we discovered when we put Jack in bed a little later, that G had been laying quietly in his bed waiting for his brother.  It is so funny, our boys love to be in the same room and they really don’t like to be apart!  When the movie was over, we put Jack to bed and Jacob went to bed in our extra room.  Everyone basically went right to sleep.

By 9pm all kids were sleeping and Travis and I were watching a movie in bed.  More accurately, Travis was watching a movie and I was sleeping!  The entire next day Travis teased me that it was the easiest babysitting gig ever…I just slept the whole time!  Vince and Marcy picked the kids up around 11pm, I think, and everyone transferred to the car with no issues.  I think the kids may have woken up a bit but I know they slept well once they got home.

We had the best time with all four kids.  In fact, it really didn’t make our evening any different that usual.  The kids all played well, they ate well and they went to bed with no issues.  Jack kept asking if we could do this every Saturday night.  All the kids wanted to know if next time they could stay together until morning.  The big boys were plotting whose house they would sleep over at next time.  It was a breeze!  We can’t wait to do it again!


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