Garrett, Our Little Character

Our Garrett, what can we say about that little guy?  He is friggin’ adorable!  He has the funniest little personality. He is happy, witty, smart and certainly a character.  He cracks jokes all the time and always keeps us on our toes.  He is sly, not sneaky, but sly.  He knows how to work a situation and gets what he wants easily.  He never gets in trouble at school because he has the teachers wrapped around his little finger.  In short, he is awesome!

When you get Garrett alone, away from his brother, his performance side comes out.  He loves not having to share attention and he will really shine in the spotlight.  He also could care less what anyone else is doing or thinks of him.  He is always his own person.  We have a ton of fun with G.  Here is a recent video of him dancing for me and Travis.  We love this kid!


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  1. Susannah Hunter

    He is looking more like Jack to me these days! Still definitely his own little look, but I see some Jack in there, too. Can’t wait to see what baby #3 will look like!

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