Ultrasound for Baby #3

We had our ultrasound for baby #3 back at the beginning of March.  I wrote the majority of this post then, but of course didn’t get the pictures uploaded.  So, nearly a month later…here is the post about our littlest munchkin!

The ultrasound was wonderful.  I love the moment when you get to see this little person on the screen in front of you for the first time.  It brings tears to both Travis and my eyes every time!  Isn’t it funny that no matter how many times you go through pregnancy and the birth of a child, it is never less important or special?

Our ultrasound went really well.  Baby was fairly cooperative and we were able to see everything we needed or wanted to see.  Of course we don’t find out the gender of the baby, so for us the excitement is just seeing the baby move.  We had a great tech this time and she really worked to make sure we saw the baby’s face.  It is funny, all three kids have spent a lot of time with their hands up around their face when we’ve had the ultrasound.  Jack was the worst about this.  He covered his mouth with both little fists almost the whole time.  But even this baby had a hand up during most of the ultrasound.  The baby moved quite a bit during the ultrasound but not so much that it was difficult to see.  It was great!

I also had an appointment with the OB that I used during my previous births.  Dr. Elliott delivered Jackson and Dr. Pinez, an OB he shares on-call with, delivered Garrett.  This time we have decided to have a homebirth, so we are not using their practice.  Instead we are using a midwifery office, Birthcare.  The decision to have a homebirth had nothing to do with my doctors.  To the contrary, the most difficult part of having a homebirth is giving up my doctors.  I love my OB practice and I had two very positive hospital births.  However, I hate the hospital!  With Jackson we stayed just over 24 hours in the hospital.  With Garrett we stayed about 14 hours after he was born.  I couldn’t get out of their fast enough.  I just want to be home with my baby and my kids, in my own bed (or a crappy rental bed but with my own really nice sheets!) eating good food!  I don’t want to have vitals monitored every hour, just when I fall asleep.  And even more importantly, I don’t want some nurse who means well but doesn’t have kids telling me how to nurse my baby or that I can’t sleep with my baby in my arms.  I want my bed, with my husband and my baby on my chest, nursing to their little hearts content!  All that being said, I miss my OB office.  It was so nice to use them for our Ultrasound and it was good to see my doc.  We asked their practice to be our hospital backup.  They thought it over but decided they couldn’t be our official backup.  Since  they share on call with other practices, not all the potential on call docs agreed.  However, our docs did say that should we have transfer when they are on call or during business hours that they are happy to deliver.  We will contiue to have Arlington Hospital as our transfer hospital.  We are comfortable there and really don’t think we’ll end up at the hospital anyway.

I am about 21  24 weeks now.  According to the ultrasound baby is due July 17th.  I was figuring the 17th or 18th, so that was a nice confirmation.  Everyone keeps telling me how 20 week ultrasounds aren’t accurate for determining due date, but I’m a bit skeptical.  Both of my kids were born on the due date that was given to us at the 20 week ultrasound (which in both cases was a day or two later than the date given at the initial ultrasound).  This was our one and only ultrasound for this pregnancy, so we’re going with July 17th.

Here are a couple of the pictures the tech printed for us.  I planned to upload more but the editing was a pain in the arse, so you only get two.  I’m sure you’re all very disappointed!  Enjoy the bab skeleton pictures!!


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