Frying Pan Park

A couple of Fridays ago Travis came home early and we took the boys to Frying Pan Park.  It had been a long time since we had ventured out there.  So long, in fact, that I don’t think Garrett really remembered it.  Jack had gone with a friend at the beginning of last summer but I don’t G had been there since he was a baby.

It was a great time of year to get out there.  There were brand new pigs.  I mean brand spankin’ new.  I believe one litter had been born about 5 days earlier and the other litter was just 2 days old.  Is litter even the right term?  I don’t think I know.  Anyway, they were adorable.  The boys loved that they were all in a “pig pile” and squealing.  We watched them for a while two different times.  Eventually they got up to play.  A couple of the pigs were feisty and started chasing and biting their siblings.  The boys loved the wrestling that ensued.  We were also there at the end of the day, so all the animals were in the process of being fed.  The little pigs weren’t as quick to eat but they were cute when they finally figured it out.

There were also a few new calves and lost of lambs.  The calves were a little bit older so they had found their legs and weren’t as wobbly at the other babies.  The lambs were pretty cute.  There were three different Ewes with lambs all just a few weeks old.  I tried to explain to the boys how I had a bummer lamb when I was around their ages.  I don’t think they really got it.  Even though I explained that my Uncle brought me one of his bummer lambs, that it lived in a box in our laundry room, then the garage and eventually in the pen on our property and that we had to bottle feed it until it was big and strong.  They really didn’t care.  They just wanted to look at the animals!

Jack continues to love the goats most of all.  Ever since the first time we went to Frying Pan Park when he was a little guy, maybe a year, he has LOVED the goats.  At any of the local farms, he always seeks out the goats first.  There were only a couple this visit and they were in a different pen that we were used to, but he still found them and was all too happy to pet and attempt to feed them!

Garrett liked looking at the chickens, peacocks and bunnies.  He even got to pet a bunny.  Jack can stand the chickens and birds now, but they are still not his favorite.  We scarred him for life when he was a year old and we took him to the chicken sanctuary in Key West.  One encounter with an aggressive chick that wanted the feed in his hand, and I don’t think he’ll ever look at chickens the same! 

The boys played on the playground and enjoyed the sun.  I was struck by just how big they are getting.  Nothing at the playground was a particular challenge for Jack.  He had fun but he can get anywhere and do anything now.  Even G can really do most things these days.  He is still too short to get from the top of some of the ladders onto the actual play structure.  But that is really a height challenge not coordination or fear.  It seems crazy that they are already 2 1/2 and 41/2.  You really do notice their growth in that setting.  I remember how much older Jack suddenly seemed when G was born, so I know we will feel like both boys are so much bigger and older when the baby arrives in July!


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