Garrett Ice Skating

We went skating as a family today.  Garrett got new skates, so we wanted to get them sharpened and get out on the ice.  Unfortunately, they couldn’t get his skates sharpened in time for us to skate with them.  We just rented him skates instead.  He didn’t really care, although he is very excited to get his new skates back and try them out.

When we go skating as a family, Trav and I take turns helping Garrett.  It is a HUGE workout!  It kills Trav’s back to bend over for too long since he is so much taller than G.  I’m not a very good skater, so I have a harder time working with him.  We both manage and today for the first time Garrett showed improvement.  He started to march a little on his own, pushed off using the wall a bit and was much more steady on his skates even when we were holding him.  He still prefers to skate with Daddy and “go faster!” but he did really well!

Here is a little video of him working on marching.  Don’t mind me yelling at Jack at the end.  He had knocked me down a minute before because he wasn’t paying attention.  He kept trying to hang on me and I’m just not that good of a skater to keep myself upright with grabby hands on me.  I was also starting to get nervous, as the rink was filling up.  I’m not really sure it is the best idea for a pregnant woman to ice skate and all the falling kiddos were starting to get to me.  The last thing I need is to run some kid over and end up on my belly or back on the ice!  Nevertheless, enjoy the first of many Garrett ice skating videos!


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