Family Day

Today we had a great family day.  It was a bit out of character for us, but by in large we stayed home.  We spent the day preparing for Valentines Day, cooking and just plain hanging out together.  It was really nice!

We started the day out with church.  Often after church we go out to breakfast, but today we knew we had a lot we wanted to accomplish so instead we just came home.  We all had lunch, G went down for a nap and our stay home afternoon began.  While Garrett napped Jack and I got started on making Valentine cards for his classmates.  Jack loves to create and really enjoys making his own Valentines.  It was a bit of a test of patience for Mommy, but we made it through.  Jackson wrote each of the names of his classmates and his name on the cards.  Fine motor skills are not Jack’s strong suit.  He really struggles with writing, so it took a long time for him to get each name written out.  I worked very hard to not tell him how to do it.  Instead I wrote out each name on a separate sheet of paper for him to copy.  It was very good practice for him and each card was lovingly (and painstakingly) created with each friend in mind.  In the end, he was very proud and they were cute.  Garrett took a rather short nap, so when he woke up he made his Valentine cards for his class.  G was much less interested in the card making.  He really enjoyed stamping and putting stickers on the first few cards.  After that he would put on one or two stamps or draw something and then announce it was finished.  With a little encouragement he would add to them, but then he really was done. 

After the Valentines were finished we went straight to work on baking cookies.  Jack had helped me mix up a batch of gluten free sugar cookies earlier in the day, so we got the dough out and set up shop on the dining room table.  Daddy had to run and buy us a rolling pin (of course mine is in storage) and actually found a great kids rolling pin too.  Travis and Jack worked together to roll out and cut out heart cookies.  G and I worked together to do the same.  The boys loved cutting out cookies.  They did a good job and tried very hard to let us help them place the cookie cutters in order to optimize the number of cookies we got out of each section of dough.  Garrrett was a crack up.  He loved eating the dough, so every time there was a stray piece he was trying to shovel it into his mouth.  I don’t think he quite understood that the dough was going to be the cookies once it was cooked.  Both boys loved watching through the oven door to see if their cookies were done yet.  And Jack made sure that we made one especially for Denver so she wouldn’t be sad.  Luckily sugar cookies cool quickly ’cause the boys were very anxious to frost them.  Even better, they each frosted two cookies.  One to eat immediately and one for later and then they didn’t want to frost anymore.  Thanks goodness because Mommy’s patience were beginning to wear thin!  And the very best part…the cookies are amazing!  My Mom’s recipe converted perfectly to gluten free.  Success!!

In keeping with the cooking theme of the day, I made chili and cornbread for dinner.  Jack really likes cornbread, so that was a bit of a treat for him.  The boys won’t eat the chili because it is too spicy (and because Jack doesn’t eat vegetables, things that are green or soup!) so they had hot dogs.  Dinner was so good and we had one of those dinners where it was actually nice to sit together.  Everyone was pretty good, no screaming and no arguing about food.

Today was a great day!  I feel like I get big Mommy points for all of our activities.  And we had fun as a family.  We recently discussed the sabbath in our bible study.  Today I feel like we observed the sabbath in the way we strive to but often fail.  We enjoyed church.  We came home, slowed down and spent time together as a family.  We do a lot of family activities but not nearly often enough are those family times spent being together at home.  It was a nice change of pace and one we need to incorporate more often.


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