Ice at the Gaylord Hotel

Today Travis worked from home in the morning and we took the boys to the Ice Exhibit at the Gaylord Hotel when it opened at Noon.  It was excellent!  Travis had taken Jack to Ice last year when G and I were out of town, so we have literally been talking about it for the past year.  We couldn’t wait to go as a family.  One thing Trav figured out last year, is that it is best to go on a weekday in order to avoid crowds and have an enjoyable time.

The theme of the exhibit is the Grinch Froze Christmas.  It is really well done.  Essentially they put a huge bubble on the hotel grounds that includes the exhibit, a small gift shop and an ice rink.  Since we went when there were no crowds, we were able to just walk right in.  On your way to the Ice entrance, there are a ton of switchbacks and the temporary walls were lined with Dr. Suess artwork.  That was really neat.  Of course, we were able to quickly look at the art we were interested in and scoot on to the real show.  I’m sure the art is much less interesting when you are standing in line for an hour and a half waiting to get in!  Once you get near the entrance, they give you these gigantic blue parkas to wear.  They have “kid” sized ones too, but really they are for 12 year olds.  Garrett’s parka dragged on the floor, he could barely walk in it and actually fell down before we even got started.  He was so cute, he just laid on the ground looking up at us completely consumed by blue parka.  He looked so adorable we made Jack pose next to him for a picture!  Last year Jack’s parka drug on the ground, but this year he is big stuff and did just fine in it!

Once you enter the exhibit, it is really cool.  It is basically a large art exhibit made out of ice.  The ice sculptures were pretty amazing!  Everything is just as the books depict but out of ice.  It is crazy when you look at a huge tree and realize it is an ice sculpture.  The kids were almost a little overwhelmed at first, but then they settled in and really liked it.  They pointed out the different characters and liked looking at everything.  Towards the end of the exhibit that have ice slides.  These were the hit!  G was only allowed to go down one of the slides but he didn’t care.  He loved it!  Jack raced me and Travis down the rest of the slides several times.  Eventually the kids started to get cold, so we moved on to the end.  The kids loved when the Grinch’s heart got bigger and then he had the feast all of Whoville.  In fact, Jack said his favorite part was when the Grinch cut the roast beast!  The last section of the exhibit was an ice sculpture nativity.  It was really beautiful!

After the exhibit we hit the gift store for the obligatory tourist Christmas ornament.  Then we headed over to the Gaylord to grab hot chocolate.  We planned out our return visit to the Gaylord to take in the Christmas lights and “real” snow in the atrium.  This was a great family night last Christmas season that we are excited to repeat this year.  We had a great mid-day family outing and counted the blessing that Daddy has flexibility to join us on these fun days!


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