Sculpture Garden Skate with the Caps

A week or so ago we skipped church on Sunday morning in favor of ice skating.  The Capitals has an event where the first 200 people to get a ticket on Sunday morning were able to skate with 4 Caps players at the sculpture garden.  We weren’t sure we would make it, but thanks to Daddy running ahead we snagged 4 tickets and got to skate.

The event was great.  We got there right at 10:30am when it started.  It was pretty cold, so we headed into the rink cafe for snacks and hot chocolate.  Prior to the skate at Noon, there were a few skills showcases of kids that take lessons at the sculpture garden and a skate around where former Cap Peter Bondra showed some moves.  The boys didn’t have too much interest in the pre-festivities outside.  Daddy did drag Jack out to see Peter Bondra.  Jack thought it was fine, but Daddy was pretty excited since Bondra is his favorite player!  The rest of the time the boys had fun coloring and playing in the warm cafe.

A little before Noon we got everyone’s skates on and ready to hit the ice when it opened.  The Caps players didn’t arrive right away, so we had time to skate around.  Time for Mommy to get used to her terrible rental skates and for us to break our backs trying to help Garrett “march” around the ice.  He so wants to skate, but really he wants you to just skate him around.  It is brutal!  You hunch over trying to hold him up, all the while he yells “FASTER, go Faster!”  Geesh, kid!  We are doing our best.  Jack is a self-sufficient skater now, so he can just motor around on his own if he thinks we are too slow.  Trav and I take turns with G, in hopes that at least one of us will still be able to walk when we are done!

After we skated a while, the Capitals players arrived.  Of course, everyone mobbed the entrance trying to get to the players the second they were on the ice.  Jack and I were skating together at this point, and we sort of held back so we could see the players.  Apparently, Travis and G were across the ice from where the players entered.  Backstrom (one of Mommy’s favorite players) skated right over to G, whisked him off the ice, held him up high and asked if he was going to skate today.  Garrett didn’t really understand how cool this was, but Daddy was very excited!  When Jack and I caught up to Trav and Garrett, Trav told us what happened.  Just a second later Backstrom skated up again and posed for a picture with the boys.  Again, he took G out of my hands and helped him while Trav snapped the shot.  It was really neat.  We were able to get a great shot with Carlson too.  Jack tried to skate with Alzner and Johansson too, but it was more difficult to get to them.  There were several “handlers” for the players.  Backstrom and Carlson just ignored the handlers and hung out with the fans.  Alzner and Johansson followed their instructions more and didn’t really stop much.  It was clear they weren’t used to all the attention or being told what to do.  Right before we left I was able to get Backstrom to sign my jersey.  This was great because it’s a Backstrom jersey and I’ve been wanting to get him to sign it but it can be difficult to do.  I was pretty excited to get it done!

After a while, the boys were getting tired and cold.  We called it a day, packed ourselves up and headed back to the car.  We had two sleeping boys before we even pulled out of our parking spot.  This was by far the best Caps fan/player event we have been to.  I’m sure it will never be like this again, so we are thankful that we had the opportunity to skate with the players!  Thanks Capitals!!


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