Fright Night at Six Flags

The night before Halloween we made our final trip of the season to Six Flags.  We had a fun night, but it was definitely the end of a family activity we enjoyed countless times this summer.  We already have our passes for next year (thanks to a great discount we took advantage of at the Caps Season Ticket Holder Party) and the boys are counting down to the rides next season.  By the time we return next Spring, both kids should be tall enough to go on several more rides. 

For the last month or so of the season, Six Flags decorates the entire park in a Halloween theme for Fright Night.  We had gone to the park a few times during the day while it was decorated, but the boys were begging to go at night when they could wear their costumes and trick-or-treat.  One of Jack’s favorite rides, the antique cars, closes once they decorate and becomes the site of the kids hayride.  This was bittersweet for Jack since he loves the antique cars but he was excited about the hayride.  Anyway, on October 30th we took the boys in costume for their last night at the park.  We rode all the favorite rides one last time, the boys did the trick-or-treat line and then went on the kids hayride where no adults are allowed.  It was a great night and everyone loved their Bee costumes.  I’m quite sure we will have to partake in Fright Night again next year.  Of course, we didn’t do any of the scary stuff.  Just all the fun kid stuff!


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