Halloween Party

Last night we went to our first Halloween Party of the year at our friend’s Paul & Sara’s house.  It was great!  Of course, it was a Halloween Party for kids so all the kiddos were done by 9pm.  Gone are the days of the party starting at 9pm!  Nevertheless, we had a blast hanging with friends for a few hours and watching all of our BOYS play!

Interestingly enough, everyone has all boys.  Even Sara is expecting their second boy.  Crazy how that works.  And so refreshing because everyone is used to the same levels of activity, noise and climbing!  Jack was the oldest, the littlest baby was 7 months and the rest of the boys were 2 and 3.  They all got along so well too!

We all brought pumpkins to share so the boys could paint them.  This is the favorite Fall activity at our house.  We actually hadn’t done it yet this year, so Jack & G were very excited.  They love to paint in general, but painting pumpkins is the best!  It was so funny to watch all these active little boys sit down and quickly become completely involved in painting.  They really had fun and they are all so deliberate in their color choice and placement.  It always cracks me up!  As a side note, Oliver (the host of the kid party) is a few months older than G, totally adorable and VERY artistic.  Sara has a picture he painted on her refrigerator that is amazing.  It is of his family including a smaller stick figure for the baby brother that he is going to have soon.  The painting is so good that I had to ask Sara if Oliver did it and if someone helped him.  Nope, totally his creation and probably most impressive is that he realizes that his family is expanding to 4 in a few months.  Apparently, O is the artist in the making of the group!  So cool!!!

We also roasted marshmallows and made s’mores.  Yummy!  Sara had done such a good job planning things ahead of time that I was able to easily bring things for Jack.  The big Gluten Free excitement of the week was that I successfully made GF Graham Crackers.  They are good too!  Jack got to have s’mores for the first time!  Daddy helped the boys roast their marshmallows and get their s’mores ready.  Jackson the sweet tooth (like his Mama!) loved them.  Garrett, not so much.  G took one bite of the s’more and gave it back to Trav.  I think even the graham crackers were more than G really liked.  He is a chocolate boy though, so he kept carrying around little Hershey bars and asking to eat the candy.  It has been so long since I’ve made s’mores and they were soooo good!

The other boys wore their costumes.  I completely forgot our kid’s costumes!  Such a bummer.  The boys are going to be bumble bees.  Their costumes are pretty cute, so I’m bummed I forgot them.  The other kids looked very cute.  Their was Buzz Light Year, a dragon & a monkey.  I love kid Halloween costumes.  I’m getting excited for Trick or Treating!

Somehow I think we only got pictures of the pumpkin painting.  It is hectic with all the boys, so I’m going to use that as my excuse!!


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