Cox Farm, The Second Time Around

A few weeks ago Travis took the afternoon off and we attempted to take the boys to Cox Farm.  I have taken the boys every year since Jack was a year old with my usual Mommy group.  This year Trav saw a Groupon deal, so he snatched u 4 tickets for us to go as a family on a weekday afternoon.  There were limited days you could use the deal and of course it ended up raining on the day we were able to go.  It worked out fine.  The kids were able to show Trav around a bit, he was able to finally see what all the hub bub was about, we went through the corn maze which none of us had done before and we literally got rained out.  The end result was 4 rain checks to come back another day since they had to close the farm.

Since our first trip of the season was  a wash out and I could never miss an opportunity for a Fall playdate, today the boys and I met a few friends at Cox Farm.  Once again, it looked like the rain was going to win.  We fought a drizzle all the way there, but by the time we got the wagon out, redeemed our rain checks and got into the farm, the weather began to clear up.  In the end the day was beautiful!   The boys fed and attempted to pet the pigs.  They also attempted the rope swing.  It was hysterical.  None of them were probably big enough and certainly did not have the coordination to actually hold onto the swing and then drop into the pit.  They all fell flat on their face in some fashion.  But, they loved it and kept wanting to do it again!  All the kids had a blast in the “working farm” area where they could work a water pump to fill buckets or to run down a trough, fill buckets with corn using a conveyor belt (which I’m sure has some true technical name but I’m more of an alfalfa girl than corn) and crawl all over small tractors. 


One of the big attractions are all the slides.  A few were closed today due to the rain (and all were closed the day we went with Daddy) but we did ride the biggest slide.  It is a big racing slide where you sit on gunny sacks to go down.  Jack and his friend Jacob raced each other several times.  Poor Ian doesn’t love slides, so he really didn’t have any interest in going down the gigantic one.  Marcy and I took the little kids down with us.  The first time down I took Garrett and Isla with me.  G LOVED it!  Isla liked it too but she was in the very front so I’m sure she felt less secure even though I was holding her.  I love big slides, but I have to admit that I had a momentary flashback to my own childhood.  We went on vacation one time and went to some sort of park I think that had the same kind of racing slides, only instead of the slide being made of plastic they were aluminum.  So first off, they were pretty warm.  But then, they were REALLY fast.  This wasn’t a problem for most people, but I was maybe 6 and very small.  I went so fast that I flipped around backwards and totally lost control.  The slides were in need of repair and the aluminum pieces that covered the rivets were lifting up.  I got bounced around so much that by the time I got to the bottom I had scraped my entire body.  I was a bloody mess!  And the clincher of the whole thing was that everyone else was to afraid so I had gone first.  And then I got hurt, so nobody else went.  For a fleeting moment while sitting at the top of the slide, I wondered just how crazy of a Mom I was to ride a racing slide again with not only my own child but someone elses too?  Aahh, it was fine.  Nobody got hurt and it was a really fun slide!

We had to get back on the early side this afternoon, so we didn’t get to do everything we wanted.  We were having so much fun and didn’t want to leave.  I promised the boys that if the weather stays good, we will make it to Cox Farm one more time this season.  And aren’t they lucky, ’cause we still have to go get pumpkins!  It’s our Fall extravaganza!


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