Garrett Swimming Lessons- Week 1

Garrett ISR 2010, Week 1 , originally uploaded by mgianchetta.

Last week was G’s first week back to ISR lessons. This is attempt number 3 and finally we have success! We started G in ISR around 7 months old, but his acid reflux was so severe that being on his back in the water was just terribly painful. Then we tried again around 11 months when his reflux had improved. Even though it didn’t seem painful anymore, he still remembered how bad it had been the previous months that he never progressed. We had planned to start back to lessons in May but because of weather and our vacation we ended up waiting until last week. It was worth the wait!

This time around Garrett really likes the water. He sometimes fusses a little, but nothing like the painful cries from before. Mainly he just counts along with Ms. Staci or says “Ready, Set, Go!”. He is very proud of himself when he finishes a lesson and he is doing so well. He has had great muscle memory, so the lessons we did last year were working. He just wasn’t able to physically put it together. This year it seems like he is coming along quickly. By the end of the summer, I think we’ll have two “full on swimmers” as Jack likes to say!


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