Summer Camp

Summer camp has started for the boys.  Last year my friend Susannah found a local church that runs a summer camp for preschoolers during the summer.  Unlike other camps, you don’t have to send your kids everyday or even certain days.  You get a calendar of the weeks they run the camp and can pick and choose the days you want to send the kids.  Jack loved it last year and I sent him a few days a week most weeks.  The camp was really flexible, so even if there was a change of dates or I wanted to add a day they could usually accommodate me.  I knew for sure we would use the camp again and have recommended it to everyone we know.  I’ve given them so much business that they actually reduced our enrollment fees.  Apparently it pays to be a walking billboard!  Too bad I don’t get that deal on all my favorite products that I shamelessly promote!

This year Garrett is old enough to go to camp too.  I have been so excited to have a few mornings a week free of kids.  I have plenty of plans for my free time including painting our living room, dining room, main bathroom, removing the hideous shower doors on our tub and rearranging my sewing stuff.  Wish me luck!

Jack started camp right when we got back from Montana.  He generally will go Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  I had him start the day after we got home though, so that week he went Wednesday to Friday.  Garrett will go every Tuesday and Thursday and is with the Mothers Day Out kids that are between about 18 months and 2 1/2.  I didn’t want him to just go one day on his first week, so I waited until Tuesday last week to start him.  I was a little concerned about how well he would do, but it has been great.  The first morning I dropped him off I had to bribe him with a ball in order to get a goodbye.  The second day he was off and running too.  Apparently he was a little sad a few minutes after I left, but I had told them that if he had a hard time then he seems to be better once he sees his brother.  As soon as they went outside as a group and they took him to see Jack, he was fine.  I really appreciate that even though Jack can be a pill to G at home, in those situations he always takes care of G.  They really are close and I know as they get older, they will be so close!

Jack of course loves summer camp.  I coordinate with the Mom of his friend Hayes and they go the same days together.  I’m sure they are giving summer camp a run for the money, but they love playing together.  Both Hayes and Jack are very active, VERY smart, precocious boys.  And they are all boy, so I think they can be a lot.  They usually aren’t naughty together though, just loud and full of energy.  I’m glad they get time to play all summer!  And I’m especially glad for 6 hours a week without any kiddos to be able to work on projects!


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