Garrett’s Birthday

G’s 2nd Birthday was on Wednesday.  We had a great day!  Overall it was pretty low-key, but we enjoyed our time together as a family.  Today was his Birthday party.  It went really well too, even though it had the potential to be a disaster!

G woke up pretty early on his Birthday. Generally Jack gets up first but he slept later that morning.  G and I were the only ones up around 6am which was the time he was born.  It sounds kind of corny,  but it was really special to have that quiet moment together to reflect on his birth.  (I was reflecting, he was nursing and none the wiser!)  Later that morning, we dropped Jack off at summer camp and headed to Buzz for breakfast.  We had a great time at one of our favorite spots.  I’d planned to spend the morning hanging out together, but G fell asleep about 3 minutes after we left Buzz.  So I brought him home and he kept napping.  This gave me the chance to fill up the new pool I bought the boys.  When everyone woke up from afternoon naps, I took the boys out for a swim.  It was MISERABLY hot, so we didn’t last long but the boys loved it.  The heat was so exhausting though, that the kids came in and watched a movie for a while.  When Daddy finished work we opened presents and headed out to Hibachi for dinner.  G fell asleep on the way home but then woke up soon after we got home.  We ended the night with cupcakes on the deck.  It was a great day!

Today we had G’s Birthday party.  We had planned to have it at a park in Old Town that G loves and to play bubbles.  Of course, we woke up at 5:30am to pouring rain.  We hoped it would end but quickly realized we needed a backup plan.  UGH!  I called a dozen places before 8:30am, looking for an inside alternative for a 10:30am party.  No luck.  However, my friend Jessica came to the rescue and offered to host the party at her house.  Knowing our house was to small for a Birthday party for the kids and knowing we wouldn’t have many options, Jessica got a hold of me early this morning to say we were welcome to use their house.  It worked out perfectly!  We already had the food ready and just headed over there early.  We thought we might lose some attendees due to the weather or change of venue, but everyone made it.  And best of all, it was a blast.  Garrett told me over and over again “Mama, I so happy!”.  He really loved his party and he loved the airplane cake that I made.  In fact, the party went so well I’m thinking I should always host my parties at other people’s houses.  We set up, we cleaned up, everyone had fun and somehow it was way less stressful for me.  I still played hostess but didn’t feel the stress.  Jess, I hope it wasn’t too stressful for you guys!  We are forever indebted!  Thank you!!!


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