4th of July

For the first time since we’ve had kids, we bought fireworks to set off at home.  Travis really wanted to introduce the kids fireworks in hopes that we wouldn’t have any issues with them being scared of the noise and light.  On the 4th he picked up a couple of packages and some sparklers and snakes.  We worked and played in the yard all day, went swimming and then after dinner they did the snakes on the front walk.  The boys loved the snakes!  They were so excited, they named each snake and periodically “checked” on them throughout the evening.  (The names were quite creative…Jack, Garrett, Mom, Dad.  You get the picture!)  We kept the kids occupied until just around dusk and then we set up at the end of our driveway.

Travis started out by giving Jack a sparkler.  We weren’t even sure how he would handle it, but he loved it.  Garrett immediately wanted one too.  Both boys did really well with them.  Garrett even held a sparkler a little high up on the handle one time and just told me it was getting hot.  It was right as it was going out, so he just dropped it when we told him to and was fine.  Travis broke open the boxes of fireworks and started lighting them.  The kids really liked them and weren’t bothered at all . Thankfully Travis had thought ahead and specifically got ones that wouldn’t be too loud or go to high.  I think they were perfect.  By the end of the evening the boys were picking out which fountain was next and telling which kind they liked best.  In the end they liked the fireworks so much, that when we went to Hibachi on G’s Birthday we told them the fire was like fireworks and nobody got upset when they were cooking our dinner.  Worked out perfectly!

On the 5th our next door neighbors invited us over to play in their baby pool and have a barbeque.  It was great.  The kids got in and out of the pool, played with squirt guns and had a blast.  We all got to visit, ate yummy food and wore out our kids!  We have the best neighbors and love to hang out with them!


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