We are finally on vacation in Montana.  I’ve been wanting to bring the boys to Montana for a year and a half, but circumstances kept delaying our trip.  So earlier this Spring I decided that we were coming to Montana to visit family and the kids and I were staying a while.  We are now two weeks into our 22 day trip.  We have had a great time and overall the adjustments have been minimal.  Three weeks, three different cities and half of vacation without Daddy could lead to some interesting issues, but so far so good!

We started our trip on June 7th and flew into Missoula, Travis’ hometown.  Because I had gotten bumped on a flight back in January and the airline had misplaced G’s car seat for the majority of my trip, I ended up with pretty good compensation.  I was able to find some creative tickets that helped us get to Montana for really good prices.  Unfortunately, it meant flying through Denver.  Thank goodness Trav was with us at the beginning of the trip.  The kids were pretty darn good on the plane, but it is a long day of flying when you go west.  Due to slight delays, we didn’t get to Missoula until around midnight.  Add in waiting for all of our luggage, having to put in car seats, pack all of our crap into the car and then drive to Trav’s parents house, and the boys didn’t get to bed until 1am local time (3am DC).  It was a VERY long day!  I’ll be flying home on my own with the boys, so I’m hoping that they rise to the occasion and behave perfectly for me.  Thankfully, the flights will be shorter!

We spent our first week with Travis’ family in Missoula.  I’ll post about this part of the trip individually, but the boys had a blast.  GG and Grandpa kept them busy with horses, a tractor and many trips into town to see the kid friendly sights.  Mama and Daddy even got two lunches out sans kiddos, a date and a little bit of shopping on our own.  It was blissful!  The downside was rain daily, but for the most part it didn’t keep the kids inside.  On Sunday of our first week, we left Missoula and headed to Great Falls to spend time with my parents, Mimi & Papa.

Our first afternoon at Mimi & Papa’s house was beautiful.  The weather was actually warm and we got to wear shorts for the first time since arriving in Montana.  (Don’t worry, I brought a ton of clothes for us, but none of it weather appropriate.  We’ve basically worn the same three or four outfits and done lots of laundry.  Ugh!)  The next day, Monday, was pretty nice too.  We hung out a bit with my parents and then were able to get together with my best friend from high school and her family.  The weather was good for that day too and we had the best time.  Our kids are the same ages and they were fast friends!  After Monday, the weather went to hell.  In Missoula it had rained every day, but at least it was mostly sprinkling.  In Great Falls it poured the whole time we were there.  It was miserable and completely prohibited us from getting to be outside.  Such a bummer!  Travis left on Wednesday of our week in Great Falls.  Unfortunately he couldn’t get away from work for 3 weeks.  You can’t imagine how quickly 10 days went though.  I think he was pretty sad to leave and of course we miss him badly.  I’m sure it is harder for him though, since he is home without us.  (Well, home for the most part.  He is in Las Vegas for a few days for the NHL awards.)  For Father’s Day Weekend my parents, the kids and I headed up to my Sister’s house in Kalispell. 

Kalispell has been great.  My parents were here for the weekend and headed back to Great Falls on Sunday.  The weather was a little better and we were able to enjoy some time outside again.  The boys were excited to have Father’s Day with Papa.  The weather has been marginally better in Kalispell.  We were able to wear shorts yesterday and spend time outside.  The boys can’t get enough of Uncle Beau and all his outdoor gear.  They’ve been playing like crazy and Jack has been quite the little helper.  Today we are headed back to Mimi & Papa’s house until Sunday.  We will spend time over the next few days in Fort Benton where my brother-in-law is from and out check out the Summer Celebration.  My parents are watching the boys overnight on Friday night so that I can hang out with Sis & Uncle Beau (and his sister “Aunt” Crysta) and then will bring the boys for the parade on Saturday.  Uncle Beau has plenty planned for the boys on Saturday, including fishing, and then Sunday we head back to Missoula.

We will be back with Travis’ family for a few days until we fly out on Tuesday.  I’m very excited about heading back to Missoula.  A friend from childhood is in the process of moving there right now, so we will get to see each other for the first time in 9 years.  We’ve been friends since before we started school but then lost touch a bit in adulthood.  Thanks to Facebook we have reconnected and I CAN NOT wait to see her and her beautiful family.  We will have a few days to catch up amidst her unpacking and getting settled.  Then on Tuesday we will head home.

Three weeks is a long time, especially when you have planned it to stay with family in 3 different places.  Somehow the time has gone pretty quickly.  The weather has basically sucked, although it is better than the heat advisory we’ve been missing in DC.  I’m not really ready for vacation to be over, but I am ready to see my dog.  And, I miss my husband terribly.  This is the longest I’ve been apart from Travis since our infamous summer breakup in 1999.  Two weeks is a very long time for us and bedtime without his help makes me appreciate him even more.  I’m pretty sure he was appreciating me when he had to do laundry and pack for his trip to Vegas.  I’m wondering if he’ll have to buy socks or some other random item ’cause he is the WORST at packing?!  Just a few short days of vacation left and then we are in the full swing of summer in DC.  Gosh, I might need a vacation from my vacation!


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