Six Flags Season Pass

Because we are pretty random and always running off to do some kid centered family activity, we bought season passes to Six Flags.  The big draw is that the local Six Flags has recently been upgrading the facilities and this year opened a Thomas Town.  Our boys are big Thomas the Train fans, so the idea that we could see Thomas multiple times this summer was pretty appealing.  Throw in a coupon for passes that made the cost for the entire season equal to going twice, and you have the Gianchetta’s trekking to Six Flags on many a weekend.  The glitch, Six Flags is in the hood!

On Saturday of Memorial Day weekend we headed over to the park to get our passes squared away.  We were anticipating complete

chaos in actually getting the passes.  Turns out Six Flags has upgraded their processes since Trav and I got them pre-kids.  It was a pleasant surprise when we were in and out of the line, passes in hand, in less than 10 minutes.  Jack had to get a pass but G is still free.

I have to say, anytime your kid needs a photo on a card it is adorable.  The pictures are funny and they are so proud of their new id.  Anyway, we had been talking up the whole Thomas Town for a while.  The boys had been looking at photos of the potential rides onlin

e and couldn’t wait to get a chance to see a favorite character.  We headed straight over to the new area, only to find that they had barely broken ground.  I’m not kidding, hardly anything was together.  Although the kids were disappointed and pretty confused, they handled it remarkably well.  W

e told them there was another kid section and just headed to Tune Town, with a stop at the tea cups on the way.

Tune Town turned out to be pretty fun.  We rode the Antique Cars.  Jack was excited because he can actually touch the pedals this year.  In the past, he has manned the wheel while Daddy controlled the speed.  Now he is big stuff and can do it all by himself.  G is at a weird age where he is big enough to want to ride rides, but because he is inherently small doesn’t actually qualify for many rides.  There were some things he couldn’t do because he was too short but that seemed so strange that the height requirement was so high.  There were other rides, where with a parent he could go but in your mind you are wondering why any little one would want to go on it.  And then there were even rides that adults couldn’t go on but that Jack could accompany G on.  Really?  I can’t help my almost 2 year old but my 3 1/2 year old can be his chaperone?  Seems a little suspect!

There were two hit rides in Tune Town.  The first was a small train that only the boys could ride together.  Trav stuck the boys on the train, got them all settled and then had to leave them.  Then we stood there waiting for the

ride to start, all the while G is sliding out of the seat belt to get out.  The kid wants to go on the rides, but once he is on them he gets nervous.  Then he starts asking to nurse and trying to get out of the situation.  However, once the rides starts he is a happy camper.  Travis and I stood there mumbling under our breath “hurry up and get this ride moving!”.  G somehow stayed in the train car and really liked the ride.  There was also a great kids coaster.  We had stood in line for it earlier but Jack had to use the bathroom right when we got close to the front.  We decided to try again.  This was one of the rides that G could go on, but only if with an adult.  The four of us stood in line.  Garrett was pretty much game right up until the time the gate opened for us to get on the ride.  Then he kind started to freak.  He didn’t scream, but he wasn’t happy.  Travis decided there was no going back and Garrett was riding the coaster.  This was a kids coaster, but it was no joke.  It was pretty long for a kids ride and went around 4 times.  Once again G tried to wiggle out of the seat but the guy had it so tight on Travis, I don’t think anyone was going anywhere.  Jack and I rode in front of them, so I could look back until the ride started but after that I couldn’t really see them.  Apparently Garrett sat very quietly throughout the whole ride.  I’m pretty sure Trav and I both thought we were scarring him for life.  (We love roller coasters and we were sure we were setting ourselves up for a kid that would forever be traumatized by the parents who took him on a coaster at 22 months old).  Have no fear, he loved it!  As soon as the ride came to a stop, he starting clapping and yelling “yea”.  We figured at least we didn’t scar him.  On the way home we asked what his favorite ride was and he said the train with Daddy, aka roller coaster.  Whoo, Hoo!  He is one of us!

The next day was remarkably hot.  We wanted to hit the pool but got a late start due to naps.  We contemplated going to get our pool passes, but decided we were cutting it close.  Travis decided that we’d just go over to Six Flags again and check  out the water park.  We wouldn’t have more than about an hour to hang out but we wouldn’t have to deal with tickets or getting passes since we’d already done the dirty work the day before.  The water park was interesting.  They have recently upgraded it and the facilities aren’t bad.  It is pretty clean and had several things for the kids.  But, WOW, what a snapshot of a different world.  Clearly it is a whole mix of people that frequent the water park.  I’ve never felt so skinny, in shape or sure of myself in my bikini in my life.  All you Mama’s out there that are feelin’ down about the post baby body in a bathing suit, spend a day at the Six Flags water park and you will be weary no more.  I’m telling you what, I looked pretty good.  And honestly, do women really think they look good in the things they are wearing?  Or should I say what they really aren’t wearing?  I guess I should give them props, ’cause they clearly aren’t concerned about what others think and are quite comfortable with themselves.  WOW, really, that is all I can say!

So, last weekend Thomas Town did open with a 65th Birthday Party for Thomas.  We promised the boys we would go on Saturday for the big celebration.  We were kind of dreading it but decided to just hit the road early, be there before the park opened and get in and out quickly.  Again, it all worked out pretty easily.  We were early, we got right in (relatively speaking…they have a ridiculous way of getting people into the park first thing) and went straight to Thomas Town.  We arrived at Thomas Town to find that portion of the park was still not open because they were having a ribbon cutting.  We weren’t excited about more waiting, but it was fine.  We had a little entertainment.  As we walked up, there were these two women yelling at a Six Flags rep that they wanted their tickets and Six Flags was screwing them over.  We had no idea what they were fighting for, other than some little raffle tickets.  Other people were trying to get the tickets, these women were screaming.  Travis didn’t know what it was, but decided if they were going to scream over the whole thing to get more tickets, then it was probably something worth getting.  He’s tall, so he got a ticket for Jack right away.  I’m short and couldn’t get around screaming women, so I had to wait.  I finally got a ticket for G, but not until I’d figured out what the other women were so pissed about.  Turns out, that the first 65 kids got a ticket to be redeemed for a prize pack.  These two women brought family photos of kids and wanted a ticket from the sales rep for each kid in the picture.  Really?  You think if you show someone a picture but don’t have the kids with you, that somehow you deserve 6 tickets each.   Really?  The Six Flags rep refused them and said they could have tickets when they brought the kids up.  Of course, they didn’t actually have ANY kids with them.  They were just there for the prize pack.  Again, a snapshot of the clientele of the park!  In the end, we stayed for the party and had fun.  The prize pack was a pretty nice goody bag including a “Percy” train, a DVD, lots of little toys and stickers.  The kids loved it and enjoyed the rides.

I actually think that I will take the kids some this summer on my own.  It is a pretty manageable park and apparently is much less crowded during the week.  We get several coupons for free or reduced priced admissions, so hopefully I can con some friends into joining us there for some morning play dates.  As for now, we’ve had the passes for less than two weeks and have already used them three times.  Not a bad value so far!


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