Curious George Exhibit

I recently took the boys up to the Baltimore Children’s Museum to see the Curious George exhibit.  It was a pretty big hit!  Jack had actually seen the ad for it while watching the Curious George show on PBSkids.  He told me all about it but I didn’t initially believe him.  He kept bugging me about it and finally said “just Google it”.  I did, and yep, he was right.  That kid is too smart for his own good.  And I’m still reeling from the fact that he knew was Google is used for.

A friend had told me to not get to the museum too early because of the school groups.  She suggested doing lunch first and heading into the museum a little later when all the groups were heading to lunch.  It worked perfectly.  I packed the boys a lunch, we ate out in front of the museum and

when we went in, it was still busy.  However, it slowly thinned out until we were one of two families left in the exhibit.  What a great tip!

The exhibit was good.  They had little areas that were each specific to a story line from the books or explained details of the author’s life.  The kids played with everything.  Both boys were pretty enamored with talking on the phone at what appeared to be the Man With the Yellow Hat’s desk.  Jack also like the maps on the wall in this section.  Garrett LOVED to climb next and all around a statue of Curious George.  This was nice because I could always know where to turn to find G, since I was corralling two kids alone.  Jack could not get enough of one section where he turned a wheel to move a conveyor belt that carried large blocks to a series of rollers.  The rollers returned the blocks to the ground.  He was fascinated with how it all worked, loved turning the wheel and enjoyed bossing his brother around to get the blocks for him.  For as energetic as Jack is, he will focus forever on something like this.  He seems to like science!  Curious George made an appearance.  In true Garrett fashion, he was scared to death of him.  Jack being the opportunistic kid, quickly ran up to him.  He said his hello, got his picture taken and raced back to the conveyor belt while all the other kids pandered to Curious George.  Jack of course seized the moment and had the entire contraption to himself.  Garrett just continued to climb the statue.  What different little men they are!

We really enjoyed the museum.  The exhibit is done now, but there is a Bob the Builder one replacing it later this month.  Jack has already put in his request to return for the new exhibit.  It isn’t a bad little trip, so we just may head up some other hot day this summer!


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