Tauxemont Country Fair

Last weekend we went to the Tauxemont Country Fair.  Susannah has mentioned that she was taking Ian & Isla to it and invited us to meet them there.  Travis ended up finishing up work at a decent time (or at least taking a break!) and was able to go with us.  We had a blast!

Tauxemont is a local co-op pre-school.  I’ve always heard positive things about it, but have never even considered it as an option for our family.  Frankly, the thought of participating in a co-op really just made me feel like I’d get the privelege of paying to send my kid to school and still working for him to go to school too.  It always seemed like more of a committment than I really wanted to make for pre-school.  Susannah had toured Tauxemont over the Winter and decided to put Ian there for next Fall and potentially beyond.  Going to the fair there was a perfect opportunity for us to see the school and get an idea of what it really is…pretty blissful!

The fair was free and you could bring a potluck item to share if you wanted to eat there too.  I wasn’t really prepared with a dish, so I just grabbed some store-bought hummus and veggies.  Wow, other people brought great food.  I have to say it was probably the best potluck I’ve been to in years.  Anyway, the whole evening was a fair set up on the grounds of the school.  They had pony rides when you first entered, tons of cool play structures that are part of the playground, very creative games set up all around the grounds, a petting zoo area with baby bunnies, chicks & goats and our favorite kids performer Mr. Skip played.  At Travis and I sort of split up because we had bought some raffle tickets at the entrance and I had to fill out our contact information.  When I started to walk in, Travis and Jack were walking out to ride the pony.  Trav pointed out G who was playing with Isla on a huge play structure.  Susannah and I immediately commented on how our two super tiny kiddos, by far the smallest playing in that area, were climbing everywhere fearlessly.  Those two continue to amaze us with their ability to judge their limitations and push themselves to the very edge.  They are very cute!  Next we moved down to the small petting zoo area.  Jack and Trav had come back but were so sort of wandering some of the games.  I think Susannah had to help Ian with something and in the chaos of wrangling our kids, Isla ran into the petting zoo with G following quickly behind.  I ran in after them, completely unsure what to expect.  It was adorable!!!  They LOVED playing with the animals.  It was hard to keep tabs on two handsy toddlers, but I did manage to keep them from unintentionally hurting any animals, all the while snapping photos and video.  I’ll post some cute videos in separate posts and you’ll understand exactly what I mean!

At some point we huddled all the kids together for a quick bite to eat.  There were plenty of options for Jack, but really the kids were so excited that it was hard to get too much food into them.  G and Isla are pretty good eaters, so they picked off of our plates and got a good dinner.  The food was excellent.  By this time we had all sort of given up being right on top of the older boys.  We were trying to keep them in our sights but they were just running from game to game.  It was a group effort filled with lots of “I see Ian, do you have Jack?”  or “Jack is over there, Travis grab Ian”.  Nothing like a little community parenting! 

About the time the chasing was getting irritating, Mr. Skip started playing.  That made things much easier.  G is a HUGE fan and as soon as he saw Mr. Skip setting up, he was front and center.  Travis hadn’t ever taken the kids to an actual Mr. Skip show before, so he let G sit down and then he kind of hung back to observe.  He wanted G to be able to see him but didn’t want to keep him from participating.  I think Travis was very pleased to watch G, how he interacted and danced and sung the evening away.  G was so adorable that people started watching him and some were even taking pictures of him dancing.  Jack and I wandered around more and played games.  Eventually he wandered over to be with Garrett and watch Mr. Skip.  It was a great way to settle the kids down after an evening of running and playing.

Our introduction to Tauxemont was great.  I think Travis and I were both really impressed with the school.  The playground was amazing, all wooden play structures and very creatively done.  The classrooms are filled with neat wooden toys and clearly promote the ideals and values that we hope to encourage in our kids.  The people we met were all very nice.  By the time we left, Travis and I were questioning if it was a place we wanted Jack to go next year.  After researching their classes a little more, the pre-school class for 4 year olds is in the afternoon.  That just doesn’t work for our schedule.  It would mean that our boys would be in school at opposite times.  That just isn’t an option for us.  However, we are very excited to consider Tauxemont for Kindergarten.  It seems like it might be a good option for the boys!


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