Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was beautiful in DC.  The weather was a much deserved change from the usual rainy spring around here.  We took advantage and spent quite a bit of time outside.

Saturday evening we dyed Easter eggs out on our back deck.  It was so nice to set up the mess on the glass patio table and not have to worry about dye on table or floors or walls or you get the picture!  The whole dying process is a bit of an adventure with little boys.  They get very excited, they do lots of dropping of eggs and sticking whole hands into the dye cups.  We did well this year though, no stained clothes or major spills.  Garrett basically stuck his eggs in and then wanted them out immediately.  He was on to the next color!  Jack was very excited but since he is like a bull in a china closet, you can imagine how gingerly he places the eggs in the cups and removes them.  Oy!

Easter Sunday was a busy and fun-filled day!  We like to go to the 7am sunrise service at church because they have a bluegrass band and hold it on the front lawn.  Plus our kids are up before dawn anyway, so why not go to church first thing.  Wouldn’t you know it, they both slept in until about 6:40am?  We were a little late for the service but we made it.  Last year it was cold but the boys really liked the music.  This year it was over 60 degrees at 7am and really beautiful out.  Jack was not really wanting to go to church once he realized he wasn’t going to Sunday School.  All the way there Jack kept saying “I don’t want to go to this funeral!”  We kept telling him we were going to church but he still kept saying funeral.  Once we got there he complained the whole time.  He was ready to leave, he was all done and kept repeating he was all done with this funeral.  He was a bit of a bear.  Garrett liked the service.  He started out on my back but wanted to get down and play.  He loved the music and was very good.  Ask me how he does next year when he’s almost 3, I’m sure it won’t be so easy.  As we were leaving the service, Jack looked up at his Dad with a great big smile and said “That was a GREAT Easter party!”  Uh really, ’cause you wanted to leave the “funeral” the whole time.  You have to chuckle!

The Easter Bunny put out the baskets and hid our dyed Easter eggs and a few plastic eggs around the back deck while we were at church.  The boys were excited for their baskets and love to find the eggs.  Garrett got the concept of finding eggs but didn’t get too many since Jack was faster.  They had a great time though.  I’m pretty sure all the eggs were collected in less than a minute.  G immediately opened a plastic egg and started eating the jelly beans.  He figured out the plastic eggs when we were up at Shalan’s house earlier in the week.  Apparently he really likes jelly beans!  Jack got to have the candy in one plastic egg too and then we headed to breakfast.

For the last few years we have had Easter breakfast at the Royal Restaurant in Old Town.  It is just an old diner that our previous neighbors turned us onto.  A bit of an institution for true locals in Alexandria.  We like their Sunday brunch because it is affordable and consistently good.  This year was no different.  We all enjoyed our meals and since Jack will now eat eggs and breakfast meats, we can actually go out for breakfast again!  After breakfast we took advantage of the great weather and took a walk down by the water in Old Town.  We fed the ducks a little and just let the boys run.  We wanted to get them good and tuckered out so we’d be sure they fell asleep on the way home.  It worked…only problem was that we were home with two boys napping by 11:15am.  Since naps are quickly becoming a thing of the past at our house (or at least greatly reduced in time) we had two boys up by Noon.  I think we’d already had a full day before most people were done at church!

In the afternoon we played outside a lot.  Our neighbors across the street invited us for an egg hunt for all the neighborhood boys.  There are six kids in the neighborhood between about 18 months and 4 years old and not one of them is a girl.  Jack was so excited about the prospect of an all boys egg hunt that he made me help him draw a “No Girls Allowed” sign to take their house.  We couldn’t write the words, Jack was very specific.  The sign had to be a picture of a girl with a circle and line through it.  The egg hunt was excellent.  They had hidden a ton of eggs all around their yard.  Our boys totally got the concept of the hunt, so they had a blast.  Jack ran around picking up as many eggs as he could get.  Garrett ran around asking “where’s the eggies?”.  Then every time he found an egg he would put his arms out and say “Oh, no.  No more eggies.”  Then we’d tell him there were more and point him in the right direction.  He’d find another egg and then get all excited and tell you “More eggies.  More eggies.” And so it went the entire afternoon.  They played so hard!

In keeping with our non-traditional holiday meals, we took the boys for hibachi for dinner.  They still aren’t loving the fire but everyone stayed at the table this time and there were no tears.  They love the food so much, that they’ll put up with a little fire to get it!  Both boys ate a ton.  G had salad for the first time and ate half of mine.  Usually I would just pull the carrot and cucumber out to give him, but I gave him lettuce and he liked it.  I’m sure that it helps that it was smothered in ginger dressing and that he was simultaneously eating my miso soup.  Before we know it we are going to have to order G his own meals.  That kid can put the food away!

The bonus of the night was that our kids were exhausted.  Both boys fell asleep on the way home.  They were snug in their beds for the night by 7pm.  Blissful end for Mommy & Daddy to a wonderful weekend!


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