National Children’s Museum

In what seems to be a million years, or else maybe 2013, they are opening the National Children’s Museum at National Harbor.  While the museum is being planned and constructed, they have opened a small space with a few potential exhibits.  I believe they rotate the exhibits pretty often and that they are all potential permanent exhibits for the actual museum.

On a rainy Sunday we decided to take the boys over to check out the exhibits and buys ourselves some time before naps.  We probably hung out for about 45 minutes checking out the exhibits.  The hits of the day were a beekeeper suit and information about beekeeping and honey.  It was fitting since Beekeeper Group is the name of Travis’ business venture.  There was also a station where the kids could match several birds to their sounds.  Jack really liked the challenge of identifying the birds.  Garrett did a lot of wandering but seemed to be happy just to be out of our house on a yucky day.

To end up our little outing, we took the kids to the Peeps store.  That was the hit of the day!  Since there isn’t a lot of candy that is Gluten Free & Dairy Free, Peeps have become a favorite for Jack.  I personally find them pretty gross, but even I enjoyed a chocolate covered Peep!  We had a great family afternoon and we can’t wait for the full museum to open up!


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