In the middle of March my brother and his family came down to the DC area for the weekend.  The daughter of a friend of theirs was having a Birthday party, so they had come down for that.  We were able to meet up with them on Saturday and spend the day together.  We had a great time and the boys were all so excited to get together.  Even though they only live up in Connecticut, we just don’t have the opportunity to see each other much.  It was such a special day!

It happened to be the weekend of the Old Town Alexandria St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  We all met up at the parade.  It was a little chilly but we found a spot in the sun and were even able to perch the boys on top of a utility box for part of the parade.  Instead of fighting the crowds around Old Town for lunch, we headed back towards our house and had lunch out.  Then we headed back to our house to hang out.

My nephews were really looking forward to playing in our yard.  We pulled out all the outside toys and the boys played all afternoon.  They were all so good.  There was no fighting, no whining, they all just enjoyed being together.  They spent lots of time climbing the Japanese Maple in our front yard.  It is the perfect tree to climb for boys their ages; big enough to feel like they’ve accomplished something and small enough that they likely can’t hurt themselves.  Though Jack did get his foot stuck pretty well.  I heard Uncle Torre tell Jack “Better call for your Mom, she can break your foot gettin’ it unstuck.  I’m not breaking it!”  With a little finagling, we were able to get it out!  Eventually the boys were getting tired and they decided to go inside themselves.  It was good timing because Michelle, Reid & Adner were going to meet their friends for dinner and Trav & I were taking Torre to the Caps game.  Once we got inside Reid & Adi started playing and I wanted to give my boys a bath before the babysitter arrived.  I started drawing the bath and Jack & G stripped down on their own.  They were so worn out and ready for a bath, that when I came to get them Jack was naked in the middle of the livingroom playing his xylophone.  That kid, I tell you!  Shortly after the bath the cousins had to go and we headed to the game.

Travis, Torre and I grabbed a beer at a new bar near the Verizon Center before the game.  It was great to have time before a game and actually be able to go to a bar!  The game was great.  Torre was shocked at how busy the game was and that the Caps are actually really good.  He has been to a few games before with Travis but never when the Caps were winning.  He commented that the last time he came there were more Rangers fans than Caps.  Oh what a few seasons and a couple of guys named Alex can do for a franchise!  After the game Michelle met up with us at Shelly’s.  Shelly’s is one of my favorite bars in DC, and because it is a cigar bar you can still smoke at it.  We grabbed some food, had some drinks and the guys had a cigar.  We had the best visit and enjoyed being out together as adults sans kiddos!

Although we only saw each other for the day, we packed an entire weekend of fun into our time together.  It was so nice to get all the cousins together.  I’m glad that they all play well together.  We always look forward to seeing each other and I hope all the boys continue to be close!


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