Making Valentines

What do you do when you are stuck inside for what seems like weeks on end?  Lots of crafts!  I love to do crafts with Jack, but I don’t have a ton of patience.  He is actually pretty artistic and certainly creative.  The problem is, it is a lot of preparation for a little bit of fun.  And we don’t have the best space to do projects.  We have to clean off the table or in good weather we just go outside.  But, Jack was getting antsy and we needed a project.  So, Valentines Day cards we made!

The big craft project turned into an all day affair.  We didn’t have all the supplies we needed, so we made a trip to Target and Michaels.  That took up our whole morning.  We came home, had lunch and the boys napped.  Jack woke up first (Garrett took a HUGE nap!) so we were able to craft without having to entertain G too.  Jack did an excellent job on his special cards.  I cut out heart shaped cards that open up and helped him glue paper doilies to the front.  Then he drew and put stickers all over the inside of each card.  It was super cute because at the beginning of each card he would say who in his class it was for and then create it especially for them.  You could tell which kids he really plays with because of the amount of time he took to put the stickers in and how many stickers he placed.  He didn’t lose his interest even through making 16 cards.  It was a successful craft day!


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