Almost 19 months

Can you believe it?  Our G is almost 19 months!  Time seems to be flying by for us.  Garrett is growing big and strong and changing every day.  So here is the latest on our budding toddler.

Garrett had his 18 month well baby checkup a few weeks ago.  It had the makings to be a disaster but ended up going fine.  We had to cancel his original appointment because we were unexpectantly in CA.  When I rescheduled the only thing they had available for several weeks was a 7am appointment with the nurse practitioner.  This was potentially terrible because G is not a morning person by any means AND we weren’t going to see one of our normal doctors.  Since I’m not exactly main stream with my kids, visits to the pediatrician can be a little dicey.  However, this appointment actually went fine.  The CNP was fine and didn’t bug me about all the normal things I get a hard time for– extended breastfeeding, not giving my kids the flu shot and G’s weight.  The breastfeeding went pretty much ignored…fine by me!  The flu shot was barely questioned.  Phew!  AND, the big news…G finally broke 20 pounds.  He weighed 21lbs .02oz and was 31 inches long.  I think he gained nearly 3lbs and grew an inch in just over 3 months.  We knew he had a growth spurt, as evidenced by his going from 6-9 month pants to 12 & 18 month pants in about 6 weeks time.  I guess when your kid makes it on the growth chart they quit giving you a hard time.  G had the last of his shots until he turns 4.  Thank goodness, I’m so over well baby visits every few months.  And now that he broke the 20lb mark, we can turn his car seat around.  We haven’t done that yet, but the seats are in desperate need of a washing so it is on the list of to dos.

Now the personality update.  Our little baby is growing right into a big boy.  He suddenly has found his personality and apparently feels entitled to an opinion of his own.  I was getting so used to having such an agreeable child.  I should have known it wouldn’t last!  Actually, I had forgotten how fun this age can be.  It does come with some frustrations, but for the most part it is such a time of discovery.  It is amazing to watch him master new words & phrases, conquer new physical tasks like climbing EVERYTHING in sight and actually to have an opinion about things.  Garrett’s vocabulary goes on and on.  He can say lots of words and is beginning to put phrases together.  He is verbally nothing like Jack was at this age, but let’s be honest, not that many 18 month olds speak in full sentences the way Jack did.  People tell us often that he speaks extremely well for his age, but we really have a poor frame of reference.  Some favorite words right now are hockey, airplane, Jack, & NO.  He’s starting to use phrases some too.  The phrases are usually associated with food, “more blueberries please” or “mama, eggs please” or with Jack.  The other day Jack was misbehaving in the car and I told him if he didn’t stop he was going to be in big trouble.  A few minutes later Garrett starting yelling “Mama, Mama” and then he said “Jack, BIG TROUBLE”.  Travis and I cracked up.  Of course he tattled on his brother.  He has all the makings of a middle child!  Another day we were in the car and Jack had fallen asleep.  Garrett really wanted to play with his brother so he started yelling “Jack, Wake Up”.  Luckily it didn’t work, but I would have been so upset if it did.  The FAVORITE word of our littlest monkey is No.  Everything is no, even when it is yes.  I forgot about the “no” stage and how FUN it is.  We are getting through it though.

One fun thing about G right now is that he has incredible coordination.  The kid is pretty amazing for his age.  Actually, I’m pretty sure he is generally more coordinated than Jack.  He eats with a fork and spoon at least as proficiently, if not more, than Jack.  He certainly is not nearly as messy an eater.  He also does a great job with sports related activities.  He can connect perfectly with a puck using the hockey sticks and can throw any ball accurately and hard.  He just started liking to color and use pens, so we have to be careful not to leave anything out for him to use. 

G continues to have a pretty dry sense of humor and to attempt to make jokes regularly.  It cracks us up that he can make jokes at such a young age.  I think he will be our kid that is always flying under the radar but has the potential to get into as much trouble as the next kid. I imagine we will have lots of stories thanks to his cleverness!  So, that’s the Garrett update.  He’s doing well and we are enjoying every minute of him.


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