New Hockey Gear

We took Jack skating for the first time the other night with his new gear.  Wow, it is going to take me a while to get used to putting everything on and how to adjust it all.  Santa got the wrong size pants, so we have to return them for the youth small.  In the meantime, Jack can wear the shoulder pads, elbow pads, knee/shin guards and gloves.  Everything else fits well but should fit for a while.  We tried to teach him how to drop his gloves like the hockey players, but he didn’t want to throw his new gloves down.  At least we know he wants to take good care of his gear!  On Monday he starts Snow Plow Sam II.  He’ll have a different teacher this time, will go on Monday afternoons instead of Saturday mornings and will likely start with just 6 kids in his class.  I think we are all excited to see what this session of lessons will bring as far as new skills goes. 

We’ve been searching for small skates for G.  He wants to be on the ice so badly.  Unfortunately, poor Garrett has small feet and the smallest skates we’ve been able to find are size 6 which probably fits more like a size 7 in shoes.  G wears a size 4 shoe, maybe a 5 in brands that run small.  At the rate he’s growing, he’ll be 4 before his feet are fitting in skates!  For now he just practices whatever Jack is doing on the ice while he watches him skate by.  Pretty sweet!


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