The BEST kids gift!

Jack and Garrett each received one gift that I just have to give a Mommy review of, a kids Vtech Kidizoom Plus Digital Camera.  Both boys are fascinated by our camera and Jack has recently been finding our camera and taking his own pictures.  My parents had gotten my nephew a kids real digital camera a few years back and at the time we thought it was a great gift.  Then Trav saw some Crayola cameras at Costco and gave them to his parents as an idea for the boys.  He did a little research and found that the Vtech got the best reviews, so he suggested it to Grandpa & GG.  This camera is AWESOME.  Jack has been playing with it constantly.  It has a great color viewing screen, it is totally easy for kids and parents to operate, it has internal memory plus takes a SD card, the picture quality is pretty decent, it takes video, has the ability to edit the photos on the camera to add funny hats etc to the pictures and then saves it as its own file so it doesn’t replace the original picture and it has educational matching games on it.  The thing is pretty cool!  It is obviously a little old for G, but he is enjoying it too.  He runs around saying cheese and taking pictures, mainly of the ground or the ceiling, but he enjoys it none the less.  They have played with them so much already, that I just had to put a recommendation on my blog.  This is a perfect gift for any budding photographers in your life!


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