We came home from Chattanooga to 2 feet of snow.  It was beautiful and honestly I was a little sad we missed the actual snowfall.  We did get to play in it a little and Trav got lots of shoveling done.  The boys were pretty excited about the snow, but their Mama was only partially prepared on the snow gear front.  Both boys have great winter coats with snow pants, so we were set there.  However, neither of them had appropriate snow boots.  Jack’s boots from last year are about 2 sizes too small but he HAD to wear them.  Poor G’s feet are so small we don’t have any boots small enough for him, so he had to wear tennis shoes.  (This isn’t for a lack of a Mama trying to find boots.  We’ve looked everywhere but Jack’s feet are too wide and G’s too small…no success!)  It didn’t slow Jack down one bit.  He loved the snow.  I think the lack of boots made Garrett freeze.  He pretty much hated the snow until Trav and I got the front walk shoveled, then he just stood on the walk and basically fussed.  We got a good hour of snow play in though.  It makes me wish we lived someplace where winter meant snow, not months of rain!


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