Jack’s Christmas Program

Jack had his first Christmas program at pre-school a few weeks ago.  He had been very excited about it.  They learned a few special songs in music class.  He had been practicing for us very enthusiastically but would give us little details about the program.  He just kept telling us it was a secret.  This cracked us up because “a secret” isn’t really a common phrase around our house.  We later realized that he had been making us gifts at school that he was supposed to keep a secret from us, so I suppose that is why he wouldn’ reveal details on the Christmas program either.  We are saving the gifts for Christmas morning and so far he hasn’t told us what they are.  I guess he understands the secret thing pretty well!

The Christmas program was awesome.  In years past only the older classes participated, but this year there is a new music teacher and the entire school had a part.  This was especially adorable for the pre-two’s class who were the presents and were pushed through the sanctuary in their crib!  Jack’s class and one other 3 year old class were the doves.  Each class wore a necklace sign they had made depicting what they were.  Jack later told us he wore the dove sign but “really it just looks like a funny duck.”  He wasn’t really impressed.  However, he thoroughly enjoyed the singing.  His class sang an adapted version of Jingle Bells.  Poor kid now thinks Jingle Bells includes the lines “listen while we say, Jesus came into my heart and washed my sins away”.  And to top it off, Garrett tries to sing every song that Jack belts out so he too thinks this is a real line of the song.  Hopefully by next Christmas we will be able to convince them of the real words!

The performance went well.  Jack’s class was all dressed in their Christmas best and made it through the whole performance.  Each class had a different part of the program and was brought up the aisle one group at a time to sing their song.  Jack did a great job and was easily heard.  He must have thought they would get to sing their first song more than once because when they finished it he very loudly said something like “Oh no.  I didn’t get to sing it all.  We have to sing it again.”  But then they started their second song and he was okay.  We tried to get pictures but it was difficult.  Trav recorded the whole program on the Camcorder, so hopefully we got some good footage.  We haven’t had a chance to check it out or edit it down to a clip of Jack.  We’ll put it up when we get time– so don’t hold your breath for it being anytime soon!  One Christmas program down, countless more to go!


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