Evening With Santa

Jack’s pre-school had an Evening With Santa this week.  We missed this event last year since we were “taking a break” from school, so we had little idea what to expect.  Trav picked up tickets ahead of time for the boys to get their picture taken with Santa and everyone brought a treat to share.  I had made flourless peanut butter cookies for a cookie exchange the night before, so I brought a few cookies for the boys to enjoy and the plate of cookies I’d received in the exchange the night before.  Two birds, one stone, eh?!

We got to the event right when it started.  There were a few tables with crafts for the kids to do, plenty of holiday treats and then Santa of course.  We realized the line for Santa was quickly expanding, so I stood in line while Trav and the boys did the crafts.  It moved pretty quickly, so when I got near the front the boys joined me.  Once they were in line I could tell that G was not really into Santa.  We asked him if he would sit with Santa and he started fussing and squealing.  Travis got the boys to stand together so we could at least get a picture of the two of them.  When it was our turn Jack didn’t hesitate a bit to crawl up on Santa’s lap.  Garrett didn’t like it one bit and of course Mommy had to kneel in front holding G.  Even that was a stretch!  Jack did his typical 3-year-old thing where he smiles all cheesy with an open mouth, then holds his cheeks etc.  Ugh, I will be so glad when he gets over this and we can capture his true smile more often!

Once they got a picture (which I’m sure is hysterical!) Santa basically pushed Jack off his lap.  Jack seemed stunned.  We had prepared him that Santa would ask him what he wanted for Christmas.  When this didn’t occur, I could tell Jack was confused and probably concerned.  I told him he could tell Santa what he wanted and Santa said “Oh, yes.  What do you want?”  Real Santa like, geesh.  Jack was so caught off guard.  I think he had anticipated the whole thing going one way and when it didn’t he wasn’t sure what to do.  After a few seconds, he looked at me and then Santa and said “I’m going to need to talk it over with my Dad first.”  Santa just looked at him and I told him that was okay he could tell Santa later.  By the time he got back to Travis he was already concerned that he hadn’t told Santa what he wanted.  Travis, always with the quick replies, explained that we could write Santa a letter to tell him what he wanted.  That seemed to satisfy Jack.  That night when he was going to sleep he brought it up again.  He has continued to be concerned that Santa won’t know what he wants, but we keep assuring him that Santa knows even though he didn’t tell him.

Though Garrett had no interest in Santa or announcing his Christmas wish list, he has been thinking about what he wants.  Anytime we talk to him about presents, he makes it clear that he wants only one thing…a baby doll.  I’m not really sure where this came from, but he really wants a doll.  He often points them out in the toy aisle, but I really can’t recall a time that he has truly played with a doll at someone elses house.  We only have one doll that was mine from when I was little.  Jack sleeps with it amongst the other countless stuffed animals that must adorn him, so G hasn’t played with it.  Nonetheless, the boy wants a doll.  I’m feeling ambitious and hoping to make one for him.  I have grand visions of a cute little boy doll with a fun cloth diaper, t-shirt and a sling for him to carry the baby around.  I’m feeling crafty but I don’t know if my schedule is going to allow it.

After the kids saw Santa, Jack enjoyed playing with some of his classmates who were also there.  He was especially excited to see Hayes.  Hayes is in his class and also goes to church with us.  The boys really like each other and seem to get along well.  They were both very excited and energetic.  They kept running around and hugging each other.  Then Hayes started taking pictures of Jack and Jack wanted to take pictures too.  They ended up taking pictures of each other taking pictures.  It was cute!  There were actually several of Jack’s classmates there and one of his teachers.  His teachers are phenomenal this year.  He was excited to see everyone!

We may make another trip to see Santa but I can’t imagine we will get G to sit on Santa’s lap.  Jack wasn’t too thrilled with Santa at this age either.  Can you believe it is almost Christmas?  Santa better get busy or there will be no presents for the Gianchetta kids!


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