Garrett 15 Month Well Baby

Garrett finally had his 15 month well baby checkup yesterday at 15 3/4 months.  We had a hard time getting an appointment partly due to the number of sick appointments they are scheduling these days and partly because of how disorganized our pediatrician’s front office can be.  A slight rant…prior to yesterday, the last four pediatrician appointments we’ve been to have resulted in us getting forgotten in the waiting room for at least an hour.  Mind you, after this happened the first time, I started going up to the front desk to check on our status after 15 minutes.  Still we were left for an hour in the waiting room.  Yesterday was better, we only waited for about 20 minutes in the waiting room and then the Doctor came right into our room.  However, we waited for a good half hour for the nurse to come back with his shots.  And when she finally did come back, it was after I asked three staff members to find our nurse so we could get the shots done.  Ridiculous!  My other gripe is that for the past several appointments they wouldn’t schedule the next well baby visit, 3 months from then, because they said their calendar wasn’t open to that point.  Come on, the first 18 months kids go every 3 months.  You are telling me that you can’t schedule the next well baby visit.  I don’t believe that!  I would totally switch practices (it isn’t a particularly close location) except that I really like a few of the doctors.  By in large, they leave me alone and don’t bother me about my slightly alternative ways.  So for now, I’ll put up with poor front office practices for doctors I am okay with.  Rant over.

The long-awaited stats…Garrett is 18 lbs 14.4 ounces and 30 in.  He is not on the chart for weight and only in the 10% for height.  His head circumference is in the 75% though.  The Doctor made a joke about him being so smart because his head is so big– more room for his brain.  Of course I got the usual talking to about the fact that he is not on the chart and that his growth is too slow.  I remain unconcerned.  Garrett IS growing and thriving.  He eats more than Jack and will eat anything.  He gets tons of protein and never passes up a snack.  We can see him growing out of clothes and getting more chunk on his thighs.  And above all, he is happy and amazing us with new words and skills all the time.

My favorite part of the appointments is the small judgements passed by the nurses.  I’m used to them because I’m generally doing or not doing something they don’t approve of and are all too quick to correct me on.  As we went through the normal 15 month questions, the first hiccup was when the nurse went over the shots G was supposed to get including the flu shot.  She said something like “and of course the flu shot, unless you aren’t getting it.”  I nicely said no he wouldn’t be getting the flu shot and she shot me the glare of death.  I just smiled and she sighed, as if to say “what an irresponsible parent to not vaccinate your child against the flu that will surely KILL him.”  Aaahh, if only she had experienced what I did post flu shot last year with Jack.  You only have to see your kid with a 106 temperature and unable to respond to you and end up in the ER once, to know that you won’t be subjecting your kids to that again.  I’m fine with defending the position, especially since both the pediatrician and our homeopathic Doctor have supported this decision entirely.  Then the nurse asks if Garrett drinks whole milk.  I said no.  And you could have heard a pin drop.  “He doesn’t drink whole milk, what milk does he drink?”  I answered that he is still breastfed, so he doesn’t drink milk and that we think he is at a minimum sensitive to milk if not completely allergic.  I couldn’t see her eyes, but I’m quite sure they were rolling!  This just makes me laugh.  Why is it that I have to defend the fact that I am breastfeeding my 15 month old?  And why would I need to give him cow’s milk when I’m giving him the perfect milk made just for him?  What seems so outrageous to them, seems so logical to me.  The situation really only conjures one question in my mind, where did we go wrong and when did we decide that nature has it all wrong and consumerism has it all right?  G and I still have a great nursing relationship, so why would I exchange something made just for him for something that isn’t?  Now, if we weren’t successful in nursing at this point then by all means we would investigate his dairy issues in more detail and determine what he should be drinking.  But since we can still breastfeed, we are going to.  (I’m not passing judgement on those who don’t breastfeed or don’t do it past a year, I’m just saying we do and I don’t see a need to make a change.  It is what works for us!)

Garrett’s verbal skills continue to grow by leaps and bounds.  Our kids are talkers!  My Sister says it is because I never shut up.  I’m sure she is right.  Garrett can really say just about anything you ask him to repeat and signs back all the signs that I have taught him.  This week he has sort of amazed me with his talking and cognitive skills.  He ALWAYS follows your directions.  Early in the week he found a pacifier in our bathroom.  He has never taken a paci but is enamored by them.  I had just gotten him out of the shower and was drying him off when he started saying “Isla, Isla” over and over again.  That was when I realized that he saw the paci and was saying Isla’s name because she has a pacifier.  G is also in the phase of loving to talk on the phone.  He picks up a play phone, says Hi and jabbers away.  When I was changing his diaper the other day I asked him who he was talking to and rattled off a few possible people, including Mimi.  He adamantly responded “No, Papa.” and then said “Hi Papa!” over and over again.  This was really the first time he has said Papa.  The next day he was again talking to Papa during a diaper change.  I told him Papa would be so happy to talk to him and he said “Happy?” then busted into the entire Happy Birthday song including Jackson’s name.  He of course slurs a few words but has the whole tune correct.  It is funny.  Both boys LOVE to sing Happy Birthday.  G also likes to sing the song from Mickey Mouse Club House, mainly because he likes to say “hot dog, hot dog, hot diggitty dog”.  I haven’t been feeling well this week (sinus infection), so Travis was making G’s lunch one day.  He asked him what he wanted and Garrett replied “hot dog”.  We didn’t have any hot dogs, so Trav asked if he wanted eggs.  G’s reply, “Ooohhh, ya.”  He is big into “Ooohhh” these days.  Another favorite word is penis.  G loves to point out his penis every time you change his diaper and say “Penis” over and over again.  I tell you, these boys love their penis from the beginning.  I don’t think my kids will have any problems with the anatomy portion of health class!

G’s next checkup is at 18 months.  I’m sure he’ll still be under 20 lbs and not on the growth chart.  I’m also sure he’ll have learned a ton of new words and will continue to keep us on our toes.  He may not be on the charts, but he is happy, healthy and growing every day!


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