Pumpkin Patch


This year I really wanted to take the boys to a pick your own pumpkin patch.  They love going to all the fall festivals and farms, so I thought a pick your own patch would be a ton of fun.  I found a site (thanks Jenn!) that lists all the pick your own farms in your area.  I checked all the websites out and decided on one that I thought we would love– pick your own pumpkins, hayrides, corn maze and on and on.  Then it started to rain…and rain…and rain some more.  The weekend didn’t hold much promise for any kind of pumpkin gathering!  Sunday afternoon it started to clear up a little so we headed out for breakfast after church.  Of course the boys promptly fell asleep.  Trav took out the trusty blackberry and started searching for pumpkin patches near where we were headed for breakfast.  After much searching, he picked a patch and we headed out.  Well, it turned out that the one he picked wasn’t really near where we were and it wasn’t anything like what I had envisioned for our big day at a pumpkin patch!

After criss crossing around Northern Virginia we finally arrived at the pumpkin patch.  I think we were all a little disappointed when we pulled in and it was nothing more than a field in someones back yard.  It was a pick your own and did technically have a hay ride, but it was a far cry from the whole fall festival kind of thing.  I believe Travis made some comment like “Mommy REALLY wanted to pick your own pumpkin, so here we are.  Is this really what you wanted?”  I was disappointed but we had driven there and we did need pumpkins, and we definitely weren’t going to have another chance to get them as a family.  So we parked and checked it out!

Turns out, it was perfect.  It was a really nice little patch and the owner was so nice.  We put the boys in a wagon and made our way down the rows that carving pumpkins.  The boys got out and “searched” for their perfect pumpkins.  It was pretty cold, so we bundled them up.  Poor Jack’s coat is too small and we haven’t found one for this year yet.  G’s coat fits him but he looks so lost in it since he is so tiny.  None the less, they made their way around the patch.  Garrett wanted every pumpkin and tried to lift them all.  With each attempt he either yelled “UP”, “Ball” or “umpkin”.  He couldn’t have been happier, well, unless he could have actually lifted one of them!  Jack checked out several but finally found the perfect one.  We loaded the boys and the pumpkins in the wagon and made our way to the scales.  The policy of the patch was that if you guessed the weight of the pumpkin correctly you got a free gourd.  After several guesses, Jack was able to pick out his gourd.  We actually ended up getting several small gourds and pumpkins because the boys were having so much fun picking them out and they were CHEAP!  I think we spent half of what we did last year.  The owner had a little cart with hay bales hooked up to his wagon to give hayrides.  We got a great ride around the field.  It was quite bumpy and the boys were thrilled!  They had a stack of hay bales too, so after they tried out the tractor seat Jack climbed the bales.  All in all, we ended up being there over an hour.  It was getting cold and we were getting hungry, so we loaded up and headed out.  Our pick your own pumpkin patch was nothing like I had anticipated, but it was a great day.  Sometimes a little spontaneity makes for a great adventure!


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