Carving Pumpkins



On Tuesday night we carved our pumpkins.  I’ve been meaning to blog about it all week, but somehow this week has just gotten away from me!  Better late than never.

IMG_3167The pumpkin carving is a bit tricky with the boys at this age.  Jack is totally excited about the pumpkins and wants to help, a little too much actually.  Garrett doesn’t really know if he is interested in the carving or not, he just knows he likes to be in the middle of everything.  (G spent a good amount of time sweeping the deck for us.  Won’t we be lucky when the boys can actually do these kind of chores!)  Add in a little 3-year-old “I have to do everything myself!”, sharp objects and a messy job and you get quite the carving experience.  We made it though and our pumpkins don’t look half bad!

Last year we bought a really nice pumpkin carving set and a small book of templates post Halloween.  This was  our first year to actually get to use the nice set.  IMG_3168Boy, what a difference some nicer tools make!  We let Jack pick out the face he wanted and I picked one for G’s pumpkin.  Trav cut the tops out and for the second year in a row we got two pumpkins with hardly any insides.  They were perfect.  Just enough ooey, gooey, gross stuff for the boys to dig and play in but not so much that we were stuck trying to get everything out.  In the end, we could still get a little bit more out but there is only so much patience the boys can muster when they know carving is in store for them.  Trav carved one pumpkin and I carved the other.  I chose the harder face, so my carving took a bit longer than his.  With a lot of helping scooping, a little help carving and no major disasters, we ended up with a couple of great pumpkins.  I’m excited for when the boys get older and have more say in the carving.  They love it now, but I have visions of big pumpkin carving contests in our future!




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