A Capital in the Making!

IMG_3257Our future Capital had his first ice skating lesson today!  After 3 long years of waiting, we have finally entered the realm of sports practice.  Whoo hoo, I’m a future hockey Mom!

Today was Jack’s first lesson of a six week skating class called Snow Plow Sam I.  We signed him up for the class through our local parks authority and it is held at the Mount Vernon Ice Rink which is about 10 minutes from our house.  Once he completes Snow Plow Sam I, II, & III, he can start taking the actual hockey lessons.  For now, he is learning how to skate.  Unfortunately Travis is out town this weekend and missed the first lesson.  I know he was super disappointed.  Jack and I had fun though.  I took G next door to play with Campbell for a few hours so that I could focus all my attention on Jack and get some much needed one on one time with him.  We got to the rink pretty early, so we got to hang out quite a bit.IMG_3245

For weeks Jack has been waiting for his skating lessons to start.  We signed him up for the class 3 or 4 weeks ago, so his anticipation increased exponentially after that.  You’d think we would learn not to tell him these kinds of things in advance, since we know he never forgets and talks about it to no end.  We keep explaining that this is a class for him to learn how to skate.  He just doesn’t quite understand that there will be no pucks, sticks or goals.  All he can talk about is that he “hopes no kids have to go in the penalty box” and “I’m going to score all the goals”.  Even after his lesson today, he still talked about the penalty box.  I have a feeling he’ll spend lots of time in the penalty box when he actually starts hockey!

Today’s lesson was pretty cute.  We rented his skates (actually free skate rental was provided as part of the class) and got his helmet and pads on.  A friend from our section at the Caps games gave Jack a hockey helmet and we bought him some knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards at Target.  We got all the gear on and once everyone arrived for the class, the kids all sat on the bench for the instructor to check their skates.  It is pretty cute to see all these little guys on skates!  After some quick instruction off the rink, she herded them onto the ice.  They were so funny.  They all were pretty excited to be there but had a hard time on the ice.  A few of the kids did pretty well with their balance and none of them were terrible.  They worked on getting down on their hands and knees like a puppy dog and then pushing off the ice to stand back up.  They marched a little and tried to follow each other in a line.  The instructor is a saint in my opinion.  She had one person to help her keep the kids on their skates but otherwise was on her own with a bunch of IMG_3220falling kids.  Of course, Jack doesn’t want to learn to skate, he wants to already be skating.  He goes after everything at 100 miles an hour and got a little frustrated.  At one point he fell and got really mad.  He started to cry and wanted me.  I met him at the edge of the ice and through tears he told me “It is really hard.  I’m feeling very frustrated!”  I encouraged him and his teacher, Shealee, told him that they were going to pick out small stuffed animals to throw and then march toward.  That was fine with him, he stumbled over to her and was back in the lesson.  They all kept falling but they did really well for their first week.  Thank goodness it is only 30 minutes.  Everyone was pretty done by the time the class was over.

It is pretty exciting to embark on the path of organized sports for your kids.  I have visions of 4am hockey practices and boys going in two different directions for games, but it is fun.  I really did love sports growing up and I’m excited for my kids to get that experience.  As long as they are interested and enjoying it, I think it will provide good life lessons for them and plenty of entertainment for us!


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