Maury Fall Festival

IMG_3107Saturday brought the umpteenth day in a row of rain.  We had planned to go to a pumpkin patch but it was still pouring and there was no way that was going to be fun.  We saw our friend John post on Facebook that it was the Maury Elementary School Fall Festival (being held indoors due to the weather) and decided to go support a good cause.  Maury is an Alexandria City school, in a very nice neighborhood, that until about 5 years ago was not a good school.  It was so bad that kids were being bussed in from around the city just so it could keep it’s doors open.  The families living in the neighborhood basically all had their kids in private school.   When they heard that the school was about to be closed, several parents got together and started their Kindergartners all at the same time.  The school grows and improves every year.  This is in sharp contrast to the elementary school in our neighborhood.  A major consideration of our home purchase was school district.  We purposely moved to Fairfax County and a district that was known for good schools.  In the four years that we have lived in our house, our schools have declined considerably.  So much so, that most people we know will be sending their kids to private school next fall.  Who would have thought that this would have been the case just 4 years ago?

The fall festival was really cute.  Entry was free and for a fund raiser they sold local Barbeque and baked goods.  They had set up three different kinds of mIMG_3110oonbounces in the gym and a pop-a-shot game.  The hallway was lined with face painting, baked goods for sale and a paint a pumpkin table.  The cafeteria was open to eat in and had music going.  We were there for a couple of hours.  Garrett was a little small for all the moonbounces since it was inside and so busy, but he loved just running around the gym.  Jack LOVED the moonbounces.  There was one that was a little difficult for him.  When he and Travis stood in line, Jack got really nervous.  He didn’t want to go at all.  Then a little boy in line said that he would go with Jack so he wouldn’t be scared.  Jack told him to hold his hand, so the boy did.  He held Jack’s hand all through the line and then helped him get through the moonbounce course.  It was super cute.  I have to say that I was very impressed with the boy who helped him.  He was much older and it was so kind and thoughtful of him to help a 3-year-old.  We all ate lunch and were even able to buy a few gluten-free treats to enjoy.  Jack painted a pumpkin and we called it a day.  Not bad for an impromptu Saturday!


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