Big Week!

It has been a pretty big week around our house.  Travis left Saturday morning to go to Montana and the boys and I have been on our own all week.  I’ve been trying to keep us busy and hoping we don’t kill each other.  We’ve had good success so far!

Travis left Saturday morning to spend an extended weekend in Montana with his parents.  Trav’s Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in May, had a double mastectomy and has been undergoing chemo treatment since June.  Monday was her last chemo treatment, so Trav wanted to be there.  He took an o’god-thirty flight out of Dulles and made it into Missoula in time to catch a Griz football game with his Dad.  The rest of his trip sounds like a whirlwind.  They’ve been on the go, so I think he’ll be ready for the weekend.  I am ready for Saturday– I have dibs on sleeping in and getting out of the house sans kiddos!

Saturday afternoon the kids and I went to Baby Loves Disco.  We had a great time.  Luckily it wasn’t too busy, so it was pretty easy to contain to mad men on the dance floor and around the snack table.  G spent a lot of time on my back in the Ergo– mainly because he kept asking for “back, back”.  I’m so glad that he is content to see the world from my back so often.  It truly makes errands and events on my own SOOOOO much easier.  The boys had fun playing the piano this time.  I don’t know if they had ever really discovered it before, but they spent a good amount of time pounding away at the keys.  They both love music.  (As an aside, Jack recently told me he didn’t like the music playing in the public restroom.  When I asked him why he said “It’s a little off key and I just don’t like those sounds.”  According to Trav’s Mom, Travis has perfect pitch.  Maybe Jack got it too.  If not, we know he got plenty of my attitude!)  We did have to leave BLD a little early though.  Jack had a breakdown and got totally aggressive with Ian.  There are lots of times when Ian and Jack go at it and it is provoked equally.  This was DEFINETLY not one of those times.  Poor Ian was just hanging out, tryin’ to have a great time and Jack totally pounced.  Not a fun time for Mama and certainly not for poor Ian.  So we bolted before things got worse!  The boys were in desperate need of haircuts, so we swung by the mall and saw John the barber.  They look handsome!

Sunday was a sort of monumental day for me and G.  We went to church and Garrett stayed the entire service in the nursery.  Yahoo!  I’ve been putting G in the nursery since he was just a few months old, but several months ago he started freaking out.  He even sometimes cries on my day to work in the nursery.  If he can’t see me for a second he will break down, even though I’m staying the whole time.  It is really difficult for me.  Jack never had an ounce of separation anxiety, so this is all new to me.  I always try to leave G but often he doesn’t make it longer than 5 minutes.  This week ,Ashley who use to work full time in the nursery, was helping out.  G loves Ashley and stayed the whole service.  I was surprised and grateful.  If there was ever a week I really wanted to have a break, this was it!  After church we met my cousin Jessica in Old Town for lunch.  Jess was traveling through the DC area back to school in North Carolina after a wedding in New Jersey.  She called earlier in the week to see if we could get together.  We had a quick lunch at Chipotle and then hung out in the square in Old Town.  It was awesome to see her and catch up.  She was with a friend, Brad, who completely entertained my kids so we could just talk.  He was so thoughtful and the boys loved him.  I’m pretty sure Jack through at least 25 pennies in the fountain and made grand wishes including new toys for everyone in the family.  Super cute!  Jess, you are welcome to visit anytime.  We love your company!!!  After nap time on Sunday, we hung out with our neighbors across the street and then rode bikes and had dinner with Eric, Susannah, Ian & Isla.  I was thankful for the break, especially all the help from Eric & Susannah.  I was having a rough day and the company of good friends made it all better!

Monday was a holiday, so Jack didn’t have school.  I was sort of dreading it but it was okay.  Not our best day, but could have been worse.  Honestly, I was expecting the whole time Travis was gone to be pretty terrible but it has been okay.  We went to Stroller Strides in the morning and played on the playground afterwards.  I had packed a lunch for us, so we ran a few errands.  The boys took shorter naps than usual.  On Monday night Jack and I went to the hockey game.  It was our special date night.  Jack had been super aggressive all day and I actually was considering leaving him home with the babysitter.  I was so looking  forward to our date though, that Travis convinced me to take him to hockey.  His behavior improved drastically and we had a good time.  Caps lost, but it was still worth going.

Yesterday the boys and I spent the day in Leesburg, VA.  Jack had a follow up appointment with the homeopathic doctor.  We left early and hit the outlet mall for a few hours, played at the play area outside and snacked.  Jack’s appointment went well.  We have seen great results in improved behavior by adjusting his diet and supplementing with different vitamins.  Jack was severely deficient in Vitamin D and Iron and starting him on those supplements made a big difference in bed time, restlessness and just demeanor in general.  If your kiddo is super restless, has bad dreams and even just angers easily, consider having their Iron and Vitamin D tested.  You might be surprised like we were!  We’ve had sort of rough few weeks with Jack.  He burnt his arm on my crock pot while trying to help with dinner.  It was completely my fault and I felt terrible.  He ended up going on antibiotics for the burn (which makes it sound much worse than it really was) and the meds were terrible.  Why do pharmaceutical companies insist on making all children’s medication hot pink and chuck full of sugar?  Needless to say, Jack was on fire for a week.  And ever since then he has been really aggressive.  The homeopathic Dr. changed up his vitamins a little for the next few weeks and assures us he will be back to his normal, spirited self soon.  We hope so!  At his appointment we decided to have Jack take the ALCAT test.  This is a panel of blood work that will test him for 200 food sensitivities and allergies.  When we get the results we will be able to adjust his diet correctly and potentially put him on a rotation diet that will allow him to still eat some foods, just not as often.  We are pretty anxious to get the results and start down this path.  Thank goodness for alternative medicine!

Last night I got a little break from the kids.  I went to the Capitals Season Ticket Holder party at Six Flags.  They opened up the park just for season ticket holders, including the roller coasters.  I met our friend Brian there and a couple of his friends.  You can stand in line to get autographs from the players, but we headed straight to the rides.  Four roller coasters and one of them twice in about 3 hours.  It was awesome.  I forgot how much I LOVE roller coasters.  It has been a while since I’ve been able to ride them.  What a thrill.  I’m sorry Trav missed it but I’m glad that I had a break!  Thanks Brian for taking one for the team and hangin’ with your buddy’s wife!

Today was a school day, so G and I caught up on errands.  Jack took a great nap after school and tonight Daddy comes home.  We have all missed him madly and can’t wait to see him!  We made it though.


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  1. Marlys

    I am always excited when I check your blog and you have updated it! Thanks, I love you. Mom

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